a bright idea

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a bright idea

A unique or shrewd thought. This phrase is often used in the negative or sarcastically to show the speaker's disapproval with a particular idea. That's really a bright idea—I think we should implement it into this process in the future. Of course his car is gone—parking in a tow zone was not a bright idea!
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*bright idea

a clever thought or new idea. (*Typically: have ~; get ~; give someone ~.) Now and then I get a bright idea. John hardly ever gets a bright idea.
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bright idea

A clever thought or plan. For example, John had a bright idea for saving space-we would each have a terminal but share the printer . This term uses bright in the sense of "intelligent" or "quick-witted" and may be employed either straightforwardly, as in the example above, or ironically, as in Jumping in the pool with your clothes on-that was some bright idea. [Late 1800s]
See also: bright, idea
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The Bright Idea Box: A Proven System to Drive Employee Engagement and Innovation is recommended for business collections and readers interested in better employee engagement processes, and comes from a program Jag Randhawa created (after the 2008 financial crisis) to help engage employees further business growth.
But of Larry had the bright idea to hunt out-of-season with a bolt-action rifle and think no one would be the wiser.
Then she comes up with the bright idea that, to really prove their love for one another, each of them should kill somebody.
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION spoke with Margaret Gayle, one of the Bright IDEA principal designers, to get more insight into the programs.
CULTURE secretary Tessa Jowell has come up with the bright idea that Jeffrey Archer could teach disadvantaged children how to write.
Company managing director Brian Colley said the Bright Idea competition acknowledged the importance of innovation and the hard work that goes into bringing ideas to fruition.
Gradually, the ones with the bright idea take over the world, so to speak," Whitehead says.
Do you need a little more background on how the kid with the goofy haircut got the bright idea to put this on as a fundraiser to help some kids in the greater Cincy area?
The Bright Idea 2003 competition, part of Wrexham Science Festival, offers prizes of pounds 5,000 and pounds 2,500.
After ignoring the problem for about six months -- initially suspecting it resulted from technician errors -- "I finally got the bright idea of decanting the [culture] medium" in which the cells grew, Weichselbaum says.
I WOULD like to know who came up with the bright idea of taking up 12 car parking spaces in the Kingsgate for the washing of cars, at what will be one of the busiest times of the year when parking places are in great demand.
IVAN THOMPSON was a New Mexico horse dealer who, after his first marriage failed, hit on the bright idea of not only looking for a new bride in Mexico, but helping other lonely American guys do the same.
But sometimes all we lack is the resources to kick-start the project and turn the bright idea into reality.
That's probably only because no one got the bright idea of considering the Middle-earth creatures' guttural grunts a foreign language.
The Bright Idea Studios team created the "Road Trip" concept after conducting focus groups with young adults aged 18 to 24.