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THE BOTTOM LINE A boy will really feel cool showing off his smarts and skills, as long as you don't slather on the compliments too thick.
In light of the success of these programs, the organizations are offering HPM Clinic: Moving Health to the Bottom Line around the country in a series of standardized, one-day formats as well as in customized live or web-based modules from two hours up to six hours.
It was imperative that we proactively manage the bottom line without compromising ARMA's mission and valued services to members.
The Leading Beyond the Bottom Line article series has received an overwhelming response from ACPE members, mostly in enthusiastic support of this new leadership concept.
Even more so today; far from the scenario of CEOs rushing to sign off on expensive IT projects, motivated primarily by the terror of being late the party, business chiefs are asking more questions than ever before about the relationship between potential IT projects and their value-add to the bottom line.
The cost and delivery of health care benefits have a direct impact on employee recruitment and retention, managing an aging workforce and increasing productivity - and therefore on the bottom line.
He's all about the bottom line and giving the public what they want.
The other side of asset management - designing and maintaining a facility for competitive marketability - provides even more challenges and opportunities to influence the bottom line.
It means your original goal lacked relevance to the bottom line in terms management can understand.
They are a money saver, and the bottom line benefits alone are enough reason for management to be aggressively involved in plant safety.
This results in a timing difference between expenses and revenues, as reflected in the bottom line, and will continue to play a role as we build critical mass and beyond.
This means even the organization's purpose can be subjugated to the bottom line.
Many companies are now choosing class B space or even flex space instead of class A offices to reduce occupancy costs, since every $1 of reduced overhead impacts the bottom line faster than increased sales.
The bottom line was the bottom line and 1, Marianne Shackles, director of public relations, was being "phased out" along with 47 other employees.
The goal of this Video Leadership Seminar[TM] is to provide executives with critical information about contact centers and the strategic importance of customer service to the bottom line.