the black sheep

the black sheep (of the family)

someone who is thought to be a bad person by the rest of their family My father was the black sheep - he ran away at 16 to become an actor and his parents never forgave him.
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References in classic literature ?
The third, Rodger, was the black sheep of the family.
He had called Martin the black sheep of the family and repudiated him.
He said that you had been convicted on circumstantial evidence; that was why you had got life imprisonment instead of hanging; that you had always stoutly maintained your innocence; that you were the black sheep of the Maryland Dettmars; that they moved heaven and earth for your pardon; that your prison conduct was most exemplary; that he was prosecuting attorney at the time you were convicted; that after you had served seven years he yielded to your family's plea and pardoned you; and that in his own mind existed a doubt that you had killed McSweeny.
Theakston's Brewery IN Masham you have the choice of not just one but two brewery tours - Theakston's Brewery, left, is a short stroll away from the Black Sheep Brewery.
Had his early leaders understood Boyington's potential, he could have experienced success much earlier--evidenced by his achievements in leading the Black Sheep Squadron as his superiors recognized and molded his talent.
He expected the Congress party leadership to deal with the black sheep in his government, just as he expected the allies to deal with their black sheep.
Her works include the Black Sheep knitting series and the Thomas Kinkade series.
The Black Sheep Gathering that winds up today at the Lane Events Center is just the opposite: Back to the past.
May 5 at the Black Sheep Tavern on Route 12 in Sterling.
This is the squadron that would later be made famous in the television show "Black Sheep Squadron," but as the book title indicates, he was there fighting in the Pacific "Before They Were the Black Sheep.
Before They Were the Black Sheep offers a rare glance into the life of a young cadet in the months following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
The author argues that Boyington had a spotty record with the Flying Tigers because they treated him as an outsider, and demonstrates that he excelled as the leader of the Black Sheep Squadron.
We have to identify the black sheep among our ranks supporting the terrorist elements," he said.
LAHORE, July 23, 2010 (Frontier Star): The LCCI former Senior Vice President Tahir Javaid Malik, while expressing his deep concern over the harassment-like situation prevailing among the genuine steel manufacturers, has urged the government to ensure action against only the real culprits, the black sheep involved in the plunder in Pakistan Steel Mills.
Fortunately for lovers of good beer, Theakston's has now returned to family control, the Black Sheep brand is highly valued across the country, and all relations have been restored.