the big picture

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big picture

1. noun The general, overall, or long-term scheme of something, as opposed to the specific details or present preoccupations. I know that one parking ticket isn't important in the big picture, but I'm really annoyed about it right now. You need to focus on the big picture here, and stop getting bogged down in the day-to-day operations. That's what we're paying you for as a high-level manager.
2. adjective Of or describing such a scheme. These are big picture projections. We'll worry about the details later.
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the big ˈpicture

(informal, especially American English) the situation as a whole: Right now forget the details and take a look at the big picture.
See also: big, picture
References in classic literature ?
I saw him myself, standing upon that chair and fixing the big picture above it.
Critique: A critically important counter to the well financed and politically motivated climate change deniers, "There Is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture .
All stories and narratives are presented and studied to find the Christ Connections and to answer the Big Picture questions, such as Who is God?
1 2 3 4 5 6 The Big Picture If you look closely at this picture, you will see that the artist has been unduly careless, as there are five mistakes.
Budding photographers took part in the Tyne and Wear Metro photo competition called the Big Picture, sending in their favourite scenes from Metro destinations.
The Big Picture "Do you know what the big picture is?
This year's anniversary is a chance to stop and think about the big picture and to celebrate the astonishing contribution made by that book 400 years ago.
THIS is the picture - the Big Picture - that tells you so much about our changing and modern city.
EDWARD O'Grady enjoyed mixed luck on a rare visit north to Downpatrick yesterday, saddling the well-backed The Big Picture to land the opening maiden hurdle before seeing Killenaule Boy denied close home in one of the beginners' chases.
The project, called The Big Picture, has been organised by the Arts Council for England, West Midlands, and has seen people from all over the area send in their photos which together will make up the huge montage.
Focus on the big picture and let things fall into place (as opposed to focusing on the.
On this wall, called The Big Picture, appear more than 2 million objects invisible to the eye, at least half of which are galaxies.
Today I have just one request, that you choose the big picture, which will shield your peace.
Bush's] job, he told me, is to 'stay out of the minutiae, keep the big picture in mind, but also make sure that I know enough about what's going on to get the best information possible.