a big fish

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a big fish

An important, successful, or influential person. Meeting a big fish like the company's CEO can be quite an intimidating experience for an intern. I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond than move to New York City and be a nobody!
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a big fish

COMMON If you call someone a big fish, you mean that they are important or powerful. The four who were arrested here last September were described as really big fish by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
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a big ˈfish (in a little/small pond)

an important person but only in a small community, group, etc: I would rather stay here in the village and be a big fish in a little pond than go to the city where no one knows me.
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big fish

n. the boss; the leader. (Underworld.) We took in the little guys, but the big fish got away.
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References in classic literature ?
When I do I have to throw it back again; especially the big fish.
I told you before I had to throw back the big fish.
We should get the big fish, but the smaller would dart right and left out of the net.
Bunf and Tabitha fell in love with the Big Fish Little Fish concept when they were living in London and attended a family rave in Balham, South London.
Parents and kids cutting some shapes at the Big Fish Little Fish rave
In Florida, even experienced anglers can get their expectations blown out of the water by the big fish they can catch.
Color the big fish in rainbow colors (like #2), color the small fish blue.
At the tender age of 14 I was acknowledged as a good persistent angler on the upper Teifi - and yet T getting into the big fish league has always evaded me.
Kapunan, who has made a sweeping denial of Napoles' involvement in the pork barrel scam, did not name the big fish.
Mr Cooke was alone when he went fishing and was found on the banks of the River Wye, near Hereford, with the big fish beside him.
It's time for local authorities to dump the big fish - quasi-private, outsourcing multinationals like Capita, Serco, G4S, Amey and VT.
We kept the captain and crew busy freeing up tangled lines, restoring to working order reels with birds nests in them, taking fish off hooks, putting bait on hooks, chumming, and using the gaffs to bring the big fish aboard.
And then even when you got close to the food, all the big fish would probably barge you out of the way and eat it before you could get any.
The little fish will go in there for cover and to feed and the big fish will follow them," Missouri park ranger Eric Lemons told Reuters.
Instead the focus is placed on how smart, intelligent and brilliant the student is for accomplishing this task and receiving the pay off of the big fish.