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thaw out

to warm up from being frozen. How long will it take for the chicken to thaw out? I can't wait for the cake to thaw out. I want some now!
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thaw someone or something out

to raise the temperature of someone or something above freezing; to warm someone up. We need to get inside so I can thaw my brother out. His toes are almost frozen. Did you thaw out the chicken?
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thaw out

1. To change from a frozen solid to a liquid by gradual warming: The lake won't thaw out until the middle of April.
2. To lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The skiers gathered around the fireplace to thaw out.
3. To cause something to lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The hot sun thawed out the frozen ground. Get another stick of butter from the freezer, and thaw it out in the microwave.
4. To become less formal, aloof, or reserved: The new babysitter looked stern but quickly thawed out after meeting the children.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Tad is sort of soppy, you might say, thawed.
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Tomorrow's fixture at Catterick has already been called off, but officials are hopeful that Huntingdon on Friday can take place with a thaw expected throughout the week.
I'm far less intense now and that's due to Sheila's help," says Thaw.
Today it is a secure love made all the more precious when Thaw reflects on his own troubled childhood.
Since late December, Premier Products has been selling Miracle Thaw in two-minute direct response spots on cable and broadcast stations.
The Miracle Thaw, she said, provides a "quicker way to make a meal.
This thaw allows oxygen to seep further into the non-acidic soil and to decompose more organic matter, releasing carbon dioxide as a byproduct.
1 MHz to 1 MHz frequency range to rapidly thaw such frozen products as meat joints, fish blocks and prepared dishes without the danger of runaway heating.
Arctica refrigerators can chill wine in minutes, not hours, thaw meat in hours, not days and make ice up to 40 percent faster than a regular cycle.
Landing operators used to place black tarps on the ice to expedite a thaw in time for the opening of trout season, according to Mike Haynie, Department of Fish and Game senior hatcheries supervisor in Bishop.
When the soil thaws, the rock settles down, but not quite as far, so that after a number of seasons the combined action of the soil convection and the clast movement results in a sorted pattern.
OTC Bulletin Board:WFSC), a provider of specialized labor services on a contract basis to businesses, Monday announced Naturale Home Products has named Workforce as the exclusive manufacturer of its Thaw Master(TM) thawing tray as well as any future products developed and marketed by Naturale.
The biggest unknown now is how the fish will bite, and Department of Fish and Game records indicate that the later Crowley thaws the longer it takes to catch a five-trout limit.
The later the ice on Crowley Lake thaws, the slower it will take to fill a trout stringer on the opening day of fishing season.
While the inner layer of the lamb is thawing, the outer layer, which thaws much more quickly, can reach a temperature that allows bacterial growth.
A 12-pound turkey, for example, would take two to 2 1/2 days to thaw, while an 18-pound bird would take about 3 1/2 days.