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thaw out

1. To warm up enough to gradually become unfrozen. Make sure you let the turkey thaw out completely in the fridge before you cook it.
2. By extension, to become warm after feeling extremely cold. Come thaw out over here by the fire.
3. To unfreeze something by gradually warming it up. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "thaw" and "out." I was planning on thawing some chicken breasts to make a stir fry for dinner.
4. By extension, to warm someone or something up after being extremely cold. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "thaw" and "out." I'm going to start the fire in the living room to that the kids out when they come in from playing in the snow.
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thaw out

to warm up from being frozen. How long will it take for the chicken to thaw out? I can't wait for the cake to thaw out. I want some now!
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thaw someone or something out

to raise the temperature of someone or something above freezing; to warm someone up. We need to get inside so I can thaw my brother out. His toes are almost frozen. Did you thaw out the chicken?
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thaw out

1. To change from a frozen solid to a liquid by gradual warming: The lake won't thaw out until the middle of April.
2. To lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The skiers gathered around the fireplace to thaw out.
3. To cause something to lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The hot sun thawed out the frozen ground. Get another stick of butter from the freezer, and thaw it out in the microwave.
4. To become less formal, aloof, or reserved: The new babysitter looked stern but quickly thawed out after meeting the children.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Tad is sort of soppy, you might say, thawed.
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The VIA Thaw SC2 for thawing cell therapies contained in 2 mL screw cap vials will be commercially available soon.
The proprietary ThawSTAR thawing system for 6 mL AT-Closed Vials has been recently launched and utilises a novel adaptive algorithm specific to each unique cell therapy product.
To precisely investigate structural change in frozen/thawed and further aged meat, further researches determining various freezing and thawing conditions (rate, temperature, and period) and those impacts on quality attributes of frozen/thawed meat would be warranted.
Equation (14) shows that the total freeze-thaw load bearing damage to the soil body changes along with 2 evolution approaches of freeze thawing and strain, reflecting the character that the freeze-thaw cycle index and strain are mutually coupled and affected with the material damage propagation, so that the damage mechanical behavior of frozen soil and damage propagation law can be relatively truly revealed.
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In the first place, there are both data and mechanisms supporting the belief that in plain water as a matrix, nucleic acid is sequentially degraded by cycles of freezing and thawing.
Perhaps if more accurate and precise methods can be developed for thawing cryopreserved embryos, subsequent thawed-embryo development rates, and ultimately birth rates, can be improved.
The authors point out the large uncertainties surrounding the extent to which permafrost carbon thawing could further accelerate climate change.
The development of some form of automated workcell for rapidly thawing specimens at room temperature and mixing the thawed specimens was a 1st step toward our overall automation objective.
The sensor's thermistor element is isolated from not only outside moisture, but also the high stress of freezing and thawing through a unique, swaged end design that provides a moisture seal between the cable and housing.
The soil thaws from the bottom up, thus day or night temperatures have only a minimum influence on subsurface thawing.
This thawing method is faster than refrigerator thawing but requires more attention.
Because of the unique capabilities of the cryogenic SEM, we are able to separate the effects of freezing and thawing, and study the influence of the rate of freezing and thawing on F/T stability.
Three cycles of freezing and thawing were sufficient to complete dissolution in all samples where dissolution occurred (in samples where solutions didn't form, no number of cycle repetitions was sufficient to trigger solution formation; the reason why this is so is one subject of ongoing research).