that'll teach

that'll teach someone

Inf. What happened to someone is a suitable punishment! (The someone is usually a pronoun.) Bill: Tom, who has cheated on his taxes for years, finally got caught. Sue: That'll teach him. Bill: Gee, I got a ticket for speeding. Fred: That'll teach you!
See also: teach
References in classic literature ?
something else, I hope, that'll teach those murderers a lesson," he added, shaking his fist towards the placard.
That'll teach Si to give his mobile number out so freely.
That'll teach me to watch BBC coverage of a World Cup match just before going to bed.
That'll teach me for wearing stiletto heels on a cobbled street.
In September, Shed bought Twenty Twenty, the company behind Bad Lads Army and That'll Teach 'Em, and snapped up global distribution firm Screentime in 2006.
Maybe that'll teach companies like Quaker Oats not to plaster exaggerated claims about heart disease on their labels before the science is more certain.
Yeh, well that'll teach him for booking a Travelodge.
Stephen Morris THAT'LL teach you to forget the sat nav.
Unfortunately, this isn't a series that'll teach you anything useful a it's just another one where Heston dicks about turning good honest grub into a fairground attraction just to show what a smart alec he is.
That'll teach them for daring to mix with middle class folk who make lemon drizzle cake and dandelion wine.
Poverty, near starvation and the loss of their homes - that'll teach them for standing up to a victim.
As a teenager he appeared on reality TV show That'll Teach 'Em when a group of pupils experienced education 1950s style.
What with Brat Camp, That'll Teach 'Em and Fit Farm filling
That'll teach 'Em (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm) puts a class of 16-year-olds into a 1960s secondary modern, where the girls are taught how to run a good home and the boys how to build one, while Greatest Kids TV Moments (Five, Thursday, 9pm) dredges up bygone TV scenes such as the vandalising of the Blue Peter Garden.