that's rich

That's rich!

That's not a fair criticism or statement, considering who is saying it. You think I'm flaky? That's rich, considering you didn't show up either.

that’s ˈrich

(spoken, especially British English) used to say that a criticism somebody makes is surprising and not reasonable, because they have the same fault: Me? Lazy? That’s rich, coming from you!
See also: rich
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It's a swan song of a palette that's rich and elegant.
That's rich, considering what's happened under her tenure.
B is for birch sap-A concentrated liquid collected from birch trees that's rich in nutrients, enzymes and amino acids.
A national holiday, Thanksgiving celebrations centre around a menu that's rich with festive fare - turkey, gravy and cranberries are a must.
That's rich coming from a party whose Prime Minister launched an attack on Libya, wanted to attack Syria and cut-back our armed forces to the bone.
And a diet that's rich in antioxidants is an effective way to reduce the damage inflicted by free radicals.
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts designed nanoemulsion-based delivery systems for encapsulating a grape skin extract that's rich in resveratrol.
A healthy, balanced diet that's rich in good fats and drinking at least two litres of water per day are the other parts of the jigsaw.
While pregnant or nursing, coffee or energy drinks may be no-nos, so enjoy an all-natural lift with Boost-It-Up, the energy and anti-nausea drink that's rich in protein, B-vitamins, ginger, fiber, and electrolytes.
5% "dark abbey style ale" that's rich, treacly with just a hint of burnt malt.
New Living Way is a church that's rich in spirit, and its members are strong in their faith
In addition, the company will highlight its pumpkin seed oil, which is naturally rich in beta sitosterol, and demonstrate its latest innovation in food applications: a powder that's rich in omega-3 DHA, has no taste, no odour and ideal for bakery products.
A low-glycemic diet--one that's rich in foods that keep a lid on blood sugar after meals--doesn't appear to lower blood sugar over the long term.
It's nice as an aperitif or could pair with Asian foods, something that's rich and oily.