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thanks to someone or something

due to someone or something; because of someone or something. (This does not necessarily suggest gratitude.) Thanks to the storm, we have no electricity. Thanks to Mary, we have tickets to the game. She bought them early before they were sold out.
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thanks to

On account of, because of, as in Thanks to your help, we'll be done on time. This phrase alludes to gratitude being due to someone or something. It is also put negatively, no thanks to, meaning "without the benefit of help from," as in We finally found your house, no thanks to the confusing map you drew. This usage, first recorded in 1633, is about a hundred years older than the first term, recorded only in 1737.
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thanks to somebody/something

(sometimes ironic) because of somebody/something: We won the game thanks to a lot of hard work from everyone in the team.We lost the match, thanks to a few silly mistakes.

thanks to

On account of; because of: "Thanks to a variety of domestic political changes, by the 1440s the Chinese had withdrawn from participation in the wider world" (Lincoln P. Paine).
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Special thanks to Warwickshire Ambulance Service, Princethorpe College, Woodlands Academy and City College Coventry.
Thanks to the staff of Meadow Park Care Home for the wonderful care they gave Rose in her last months and to the very caring staff of Ward 9, Wansbeck Hospital.
Special thanks to 'our rock' Pat Hart, everyone from JLR, especially the lads from Browns Lane Service Dept, Father Tom Farrell for a beautiful service and A.
Thanks to my colleagues at The Progressive for doing the work, and for adding humor and camaraderie along the way.
Thanks to staff writer and contributor Richard Green of Great Britain for a look at Plateau ladies' heart-shaped bags in the Allen Hughes collection.
Acknowledgement of them and thanks to them is ongoing and featured on a convention program page in this Journal.
But thanks to "Friendship Flubs-Forgive 'em or Forget 'em?
With non-cash bonuses becoming more popular - and thanks to the power and convenience of the World Wide Web - a UK company has come up with the ultimate thank you.
Grateful thanks to the carers who looked after her at Allan House, Park View Grange, Bradbury Day Centre and the nurses at the R.
Heartfelt thanks to University Hospital, Walsgrave, especially Mr Pamar, Dr Tom Barker, day and night Nursing Staff who treated Sean and us with such care and compassion.
Special thanks to Yardley Grange Nursing Home for all their care and kindness.
Special thanks to sister Elizabeth for a lovely service, also Sean who spoke highly of the life and times of our dear Dad and Dave for doing the reading.
Special thanks to staff on Ward 4 and Ward 17 Wansbeck General Hospital for all their care during this sad time.
GARBUTT Peter Joan and family of the late Peter Garbutt wish to express sincere thanks to everyone for kindness and sympathy shown during their bereavement, for cards and donations to Cancer Research and for attending the funeral.
Thanks to the congregation of Boothtown Methodist Church and special thanks to Rev.