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be thankful for small mercies

To appreciate small or minor benefits, advantages, or opportunities one is afforded, particularly in the midst of an otherwise difficult, frustrating, or unfortunate situation or circumstance. My car's air conditioning stopped working two hours into my cross-country road trip across America. The radio still works, though, so I guess I should be thankful for small mercies. Our son's accident left him without the use of his right eye; we're just thankful for small mercies that he still has the use of his left one.
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*thankful for small blessings

grateful for any small benefits or advantages one has, especially in a generally difficult situation. (Typically: be ~; become ~.) We have very little money, but we must be thankful for small blessings. At least we have enough food. Bob was badly injured in the accident, but at least he's still alive. Let's be thankful for small blessings.
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be grateful/thankful for small mercies

if someone should be grateful for small mercies, they should feel grateful that something good has happened, although it is not everything that they wanted They've agreed to end the meeting half an hour early. I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.
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For, as Wright says "a sense of thankfulness can be acquired through self-appraisal.
New IOS & Android APP promises to spread gratitude and thankfulness around the world.
The True Spirit of Christmas" presents an old idea that is always new: Giving is better than receiving, and thankfulness is a blessing.
Submitting recommendations for potential scholarship recipients, then serving students in the classroom with their genuine thankfulness, gave me a desire to want to help more.
The biggest form of thankfulness is that we, by always acknowledging the countless blessings of Almighty Allah, lead our lives in the light of His commands.
But generally these things give me thankfulness and the peace and quiet you need.
The Dunton family would like to extend their appreciation and thankfulness to the nursing, housekeeping and administrative staff at the Life Care Center of Auburn for their kindness, help and support.
Pertaining to the fight against terrorism, we must show thankfulness to all the countries that have assisted the military institution and the rest of the security services.
Children's genuine thankfulness can buoy the classroom atmosphere.
The prime minister said the Eid day was a day of thankfulness.
June 7, 1944 Invasion day The long-awaited news of the invasion of Europe in the west is hailed with exultation throughout the civilised world, mingled with devout thankfulness that under Providence the Allies are able to face a situation with sublime confidence.
the scene third hypothesis laughing is thankfulness celebration of those
Addressing grand workers convention in Multan, the PML Punjab leaders Senior Vice-President Muhammad Basharat Raja and General Secretary Ch Zaheeruddin Khan cited prompt services by Rescue 1122 Service vehicle, started by Ch Parvez Elahi, which earned PML-Q prayers of thankfulness, while current patients denied medicine and attention in the hospital, curse the present rulers.
The new Royal Marquee at Hilton Kuwait Resort was not only a stunning location for our annual event, but the team also provided the world-class dining experience that our members have come to expect, Mohamed Najia, president of the Chaine des Rotisseurs in Kuwait, said while expressing his pleasure and thankfulness for the brilliant services offered during the dinner.
In an interview with Harsha Bhogle on Star Sports, Anjali revealed that it was not the first time during the Mumbai Test match that Tendulkar touched the pitch dirt in a sign of thankfulness to the ground.