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Finn, 'but she thanked me in her bashful way, and said she was pretty well, so I let her alone.
She thanked him (with tears); she thanked Lady Janet
Her eyes, and the tones of her voice, had thanked him far better than she thought.
I wish I could take what I am feeling and put it in the water system and we could all experience it and love each other,'' he said, then later thanked his late grandmother, fighting tears and straining to prevent his voice from cracking.
In addition to the usual laundry list of agents and friends, Swank, who played a promising young boxer, thanked ``all those women in the movie who took those knockouts that made me look like such an amazing champ.
Referring obliquely to Paramount's box-office woes and studio head Sherri Lansing's imminent departure, Jagger thanked ``everyone who was working at Paramount.
Each committee member is to be thanked for his or her service to our members.
If these people are properly thanked and praised for their hard work, and they see the residents improving, your state surveyors will see this, and enter your facility at survey time with positive attitudes themselves.
He thanked his own family, and noted that two sons were in the audience for the first time, while his other children were watching from home.
Here's to everyone: Gwyneth Paltrow, who seemingly thanked in tearful fashion virtually everyone she'd known, sparked some hoots of derision among the press corps when she called current flame Ben Affleck ``her friend.
Afterward, let your children know why you were appreciative and why you thanked the person.
I thanked them for saving the United States,'' explained Alejandro during class this week.
I thanked them for protecting us from enemies,'' said Alexandra.