thank for

thank someone for something

to show or state one's gratitude to someone for something. We would all like to thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for inviting me.
See also: thank
References in classic literature ?
Would after one thank for joy not make six or seven,
I was infatuated once with a foolish, besotted affection, that clung to him in spite of his unworthiness, but it is fairly gone now - wholly crushed and withered away; and he has none but himself and his vices to thank for it.
From weekend lemonade stands and car washes to clothing drives and Red Cross fundraisers, there are hundreds of people and groups in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys and Ventura County to thank for opening their hearts and wallets to the victims of Katrina.
Many are to thank for the high price of fuel, which is allowing a potentially more favorable return to ethanol production.