thank God

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thank God

An expression of relief. Oh, thank God—I thought I'd lost this precious heirloom!
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thank God

Also, thank goodness or heaven . I'm grateful, as in Thank God you arrived safely, or We didn't, thank goodness, run out of food, or Thank heaven the book arrived on time. These ejaculations originally expressed gratitude to divine providence but today tend to be used in a more casual way. [c. 1200]
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thank ˈGod!


thank ˈgoodness/ˈheaven(s)!

used as an expression of relief: Thank God you’ve arrived. I was so worried.(Some people find the phrase thank God offensive.)
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And thank God that the Conservatives are not in a position to implement their uncaring, Cardiff-centric policies - policies which would be hugely damaging to the people of West Wales.
Throughout, I thank God daily for the insights that reflect imperfectly his understanding of microwave physics and have never felt guilty before God for my career.
For starters, we should thank God for living in this country.
I thank God that we have a president in the Oval Office who understands that school-based abstinence programs that teach personal responsibility and morality can provide a positive alternative to the media's barrage of sexual images and messages," Falwell's e-mail stated.
I thank God for my late, brilliant, trilingual grandfather [who spoke] English, Spanish, and French.
A more discriminating Holy Spirit would probably not have touched me but it was, thank God, blind and I was touched.
Thank God for those who are willing to take to the streets to demonstrate peacefully, and lobby constructively on behalf of the poor, those who are treated unfairly by the system.
I thank God I learned how to be an advocate for my clients.
Thank God, those years are far behind, Thank God, my Motherland is safe and blooming, Thank God, my generation in this land Is the last generation that knew hunger.
Vanessa is easily one of the best singer song writers that I have ever been around in my entire life and I thank God for bringing us together and for her believing in me and giving me the opportunity to show the world what I have seen.
Thank God he was in a modern car or he would not be with us now FAN TIM MASON saw the crash horror unfold
Fans came from everywhere and I thank God for each and every one of them, and for their love and trust in me.
April 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Two dozen former patients and their families joined a crowd of more than 950 supporters to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Children's Hospitals and Clinics' Thank God for Kids Gala on April 9.
I thank God they're all still alive," the BBC quoted him as saying.