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Tether provides a secure platform that allows deposited US dollars (and soon euros, Japanese yen and other fiat currencies) to be tethered and converted into a 1-to-1 backed digital currency called tether USDe'.
The satellite was launched into orbit on 7 May 2013 (UTC), but at the time of writing it had not yet entered the tether experiment phase of its mission.
A top tether anchors the upper part of a forward-facing seat when it is bolted to the frame of the vehicle.
While tethers have been successfully tested in space, ProSEDS will use a radically different and more efficient scheme for collecting current.
The organisation remains concerned that generally, policy commitments to sell stall and tether free products do not extend to pigmeat sold under brand labels as opposed to retailer own label.
The terminator tether is a coil of conductive material, up to four miles long.
While installing the panels, Godwin and Clifford tested new tethers and work platforms designed to fit both U.
The book presents the most effective mathematical models and the methods used for the analysis and prediction of space tether systems' motion; attention is also given on the influence of the tether on spacecraft's motion, to emergencies and chaotic modes.
California, New York and Massachusetts have considered banning the use of guides and tethers.
His tether was biting into his neck causing pain and a discharge from an eye infection was dripping down his cheeks.
Oh well, we have demonstrated that you can generate a lot of electricity with tether, and unfortunately we've also demonstrated that you can use tethers to launch a satellite into a much higher orbit," Hoffman replied.
The acentric chromatid poleward movement is mediated through DNA tethers that connect the acentric fragment to its centric partner.
The Miss Gigi-Mae(TM) Tether System is molded in the image of a sweet, friendly ladybug and uses her six legs as retractable tethers to hold baby's books, toys, cup, or food container within constant reach.
April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tethers Unlimited, Inc.