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bear testimony to (something)

To support or prove a claim or idea, often by one's (or something's) physical presence. If you didn't do anything wrong, then the investigation will bear testimony to that. The many students on campus these days bear testimony to the school's successful rebranding efforts. The beautiful homes and vibrant gardens bear testimony to the rebirth of this neighborhood.
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bear testimony/witness to something

if something bears testimony to a fact, it proves that it is true The numerous awards on his walls bear witness to his great success.
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The two men-at-arms, with whom Albert Malvoisin had not failed to communicate upon the import of their testimony, were now called forward.
If Alexandrus kills Menelaus, let him keep Helen and all her wealth, while we sail home with our ships; but if Menelaus kills Alexandrus, let the Trojans give back Helen and all that she has; let them moreover pay such fine to the Achaeans as shall be agreed upon, in testimony among those that shall be born hereafter.
Let me now advert not to the whole testimony respecting these voices - but to what was peculiar in that testimony.
I know not what it will be, sir; it is not usual for a judge to decide until he has heard the testimony, and the jury have convicted.
Smooth-it-away's testimony to the solidity of its foundation, I should be loath to cross it in a crowded omnibus, especially if each passenger were encumbered with as heavy luggage as that gentleman and myself.
the recorded opinions and experiences of distinguished medical professors, French, English, and Scotch, in more modern days, contenting myself with observing that I shall not abandon the facts until there shall have been a considerable spontaneous combustion of the testimony on which human occurrences are usually received.
It is evident, then, that there is a certain education in which a child may be instructed, not as useful nor as necessary, but as noble and liberal: but whether this is one or more than one, and of what sort they are, and how to be taught, shall be considered hereafter: we are now got so far on our way as to show that we have the testimony of the ancients in our favour, by what they have delivered down upon education--for music makes this plain.
Hence the doctor at once asked them to give their official testimony of his arrival at the cataracts of Gouina.
And this silence about Dokhturov is the clearest testimony to his merit.
Was the consul's testimony doubtful in any part of it?
In this scrap-book is such testimony relating to my shady side, as I have within the past ten years been able to cut from the columns of my competitors in the business of elevating humanity to a higher plane of mind and morals - my 'loathsome contemporaries.
According to the testimony of many reputable residents of the vicinity these were inconsistent with any other hypothesis than that the house was haunted.
Evidently she would greatly mind; and the tears, too, sprang into her large brown eyes as corroborative testimony.
He had a feeling that the testimony of the foremen and the superintendent had brought about the adverse decision of the court.
More, however, is made of appearances by this class of persons than by the others; for they throw in the good opinion of the gods, and will tell you of a shower of benefits which the heavens, as they say, rain upon the pious; and this accords with the testimony of the noble Hesiod and Homer, the first of whom says, that the gods make the oaks of the just--