testify against

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testify against someone or something

to be a witness against someone or something. Who will testify against him in court? I cannot testify against the company I work for.
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The unwillingness of many doctors to testify against their defendant colleagues has been widely pointed at as the most common insurmountable problem, by lawyers and healthcare professionals alike.
Ezz, who's hired lawyer to the stars Murtada Mansour as his defense lawyer, will also testify against Zeina for allegedly ruining his public reputation.
Not surprisingly, 96 percent of the parents we polled said that a parent should not be forced to testify against a child.
According to reports in a newspaper, Ms Pryce is willing to stand up in court and testify against her husband.
He pleaded no contest June 8 to misdemeanor conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, was placed on three years' probation, and ordered to testify against the Bunches.
Showing courage, Courtney agreed to testify against Chapman in court.
He had the courage to testify against "don't ask, don't tell" when many of his fellow Democrats were cosponsoring the bill, and he has fought to add sexual orientation to hate-crimes legislation.
JORDI Chandler, the boy who dropped sex allegations against Michael Jackson after agreeing to an out-of-court settlement, may be called to testify against the King of Pop.
Attorney's Office in Phoenix, which has jurisdiction in prosecuting coyotes, the migrants who are smuggled in can be held as material witnesses and forced to testify against the individuals who led them into the U.
Authorities in a number of German-speaking cantons are stepping up the fight against women trafficking in Switzerland, The cantons of Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and Basel are reviewing policies of expelling victims from the country before they have a chance to testify against traffickers in court.
The family's life was a happy one in Denver when the father, a police officer, decided to testify against a fellow officer in the shooting death of a young African American teenager.
All that is lost when Toswiah's father, a policeman, chooses to testify against two white cops that he witnessed shoot and kill an unarmed black teen.
He says we may stand on the threshold of a more permanent departure in child protection policies from basic liberal rights such as the presumption of innocence, the right to face those who testify against you, and most glaringly, prohibitions against unusual punishments such as requiring offenders to notify their neighbors of their criminal records.
Any man who would testify against his own sister is repulsive.
the unanimous Court ruled that a former GM engineer could testify against the automaker in products liability litigation that occurred outside Michigan--despite his having signed an agreement saying he would not offer such testimony.