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testify to (something)

To give sworn testimony that something is true. The doctor was asked to testify to the extent of the plaintiff's injuries in the criminal negligence lawsuit against the construction company. I was happy to testify for Daniel's whereabouts on the evening in question, as I had been with him the whole night.
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testify for (someone or something)

To present evidence or testimony in favor or defense of someone or something as a witness in a trial. The doctor was asked to testify for the plaintiff in the criminal negligence lawsuit against the construction company. I agreed to testify for Daniel, since I was with him the night of the incident.
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testify against (someone or something)

To present evidence or testimony against someone or something as a witness in a trial. I refused to testify against the mob boss unless the police were able to guarantee the safety of my family. Spouses cannot be made to testify against one another.
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testify against someone or something

to be a witness against someone or something. Who will testify against him in court? I cannot testify against the company I work for.
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testify for someone

to present evidence in favor of someone; to testify on someone's behalf. I agreed to testify for her at the trial. Max testified for Lefty, but they were both convicted.
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testify to something

to swear to something. I will testify to your whereabouts if you wish. I think I know what happened, but I would not testify to it.
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testify to

1. To make a statement based on personal knowledge in support of some asserted fact; bear witness to something: Many astronauts have testified to the thrill of weightlessness. The witness testified to the accuracy of the defendant's story.
2. To serve as evidence: The wreckage testifies to the strength of the storm.
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A seminal example of the damage this does to the testifier comes across when Ross agrees to a televised interview, knowing that the show addresses his father's role as a Tokyo war crimes investigator, but not knowing that the show's host, Rebecca Bright, is decidedly interrogatory.
Abstract It took several decades for sex workers to become true speakers, rather than testifiers to the speech of others.
He is well known third as an author and testifier to political bodies on the threats to global capitalism.
With oratorical roots that reach back through Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, and stretch into current stand-up comedy and hip-hop, Junebug is both old and new, a one-man critique of the well-made play, a storytelling testifier, a composite of many voices.
Despite (if not because of) the liberal standards that should be applied in determining whether expert testimony is sufficient, a willing testifier alone is not sufficient evidence to support a judgment in favor of a plaintiff.
A frequent testifier before Congressional committees, Adams eschewed opportunities to operate long-term inside the Beltway.
If the authority of the testifier were built into the definition of testimony, it might seem plausible that there is a general epistemic right to believe what is testified" to one; but this would simply pass the epistemic buck, from the hearer's point of view, to the question: is what I have just received a piece of "testimony" or not?
In one case, a cop shows up at his ex-wife's house one morning and shoots her half-dressed boyfriend, but at trial he's personable and, as a frequent testifier, knows how to connect with a jury; they let him off despite gaping holes in his theory that it was self-defense.
The testifier is asked to look directly into the camera, placed about two feet from where a testifier is sitting.
I would argue that the figure of the child as testifier is being deployed in contemporary testimonial practices for purposes related to the meaning and even the loss of childhood in a world of genocidal atrocities.
that was also broadcast internationally but little seen in the United States We will include a video overview, video segments of selected testimony, questions and answers with a Winter Soldier testifier from Eugene, and video clips of our citizens' arrest warrant for high government officers read at the National Archives, the U.
Klann's testimony obviously deserves special weight, because it was not in the interest of the testifier and also has been independently confirmed by the Vietnamese eyewitnesses.
The testifier is simply flooded, drowned and lost in the listener's defensive affectivity.