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One positive result relating to this problem is shown by Brown and Matzkin (1996), who use semialgebraic theory to find nonvacuous testable restrictions on discrete observations of the equilibrium manifold of an economy.
Bell himself is even inclined to admit that social factors may be embedded in respectably testable theories.
Together the framework enables rich, clear, and testable specification.
The higher scale integration implementation directly reduced the number of testable assembly test levels from 11 to seven.
Scientific theories are explanations of natural phenomena built up logically from testable observations and hypotheses.
construct an experimentally testable theory to explain how new structures evolve;
In some ways, science is the metaphysics that succeeded in spawning bold theories which are not only well articulated and critically debated but also observably testable--and by testable, Popper means falsifiable.
NSCore's patented PermSRAM[R] offers the optimum combination of extremely small macro size, fast READ/WRITE and also fully testable solution.
The standard ensures a strong, dependable, well documented and testable basis, which the GS1 EPCglobal maintains and develops.
He then offers a testable structure for using game theory in management to deliver better informed decisions.
Our results lead to the testable prediction that emotional stress could affect motor coordination and other cerebellum-dependent cognitive functions," said Liu.
For both Smolin and Woit, the most glaring evidence that string theory is incapable of making testable predictions emerged in 2003 in an analysis that has convinced most researchers that [10.
As an alternative to Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), this guide describes how plain old Java objects (POJOs) and lightweight frameworks make it easier and faster to develop testable and maintainable enterprise Java applications.
I certainly don't want to gin this up into a big deal, but by waiting till Sunday morning, a suspicious person might wonder if there might have been some gin involved or some other testable substance that might explain the delay?
Wells's article uses intelligent design theory (ID) to formulate a testable hypothesis about centrioles, which are microscopic structures in animal cells whose function is not yet understood.