test the water

test the water/waters

to try to discover what people think about an idea before you do anything about it, or to try to discover what a situation is really like before you become very involved in it I mentioned my idea to a couple of friends as a way of testing the water and they were very enthusiastic about it. Perhaps you should go to a couple of meetings to test the waters before you decide whether to join the club.
See stand the test of time
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I've never thought of myself as gay but I'm wondering if I am and if maybe I should test the water in gay bars or clubs.
He said the town would continue to test the water at Killdeer Island until it hears from the club by July 16.
He then calls for a consultation exercise to test the water for EU regionalisation in England.
The class's methods are so sophisticated they've earned a Level A rating from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, meaning they're just as qualified to test the water as professionals.
He also plans to test the water on hard-to-treat products such as oysters.
Test The Water is better drawn in stall 7, and although his last-time- out win in a decent Sandown claimer came on fast ground, he has plenty of good handicap form on soft.
As the residents of the affected area return to their homes to assess the damage left by the recent floods, they should test the water due to widespread contamination of their water supplies by flood waters.
Test the water temperature by moving a hand rapidly through the water.
Test the water in the lower dish-soap cup for soap: Carefully set a paper clip on the surface of the water inside the dish-soap cup.
Officials had successfully delayed its opening this fall by asking the federal agency to grant them an extension so they could test the water.
Using the same sampling methods as human crews, Robowell is stationed at a well cluster, where it can test the water frequently.
mid rising concern about chromium 6 in drinking water, state and local authorities are quickly taking steps to assure residents that their water is safe, including a Burbank effort to test the water in schools and at City Hall.
Install additional groundwater monitoring wells to test the water.