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Fifty-four percent of the sample had had an HIV test within the last year, and 46% had had one longer ago or had never been tested.
Proficiency testing is a method of checking laboratory testing performance by means of an inter-laboratory test.
We test everything from clothes to chemical, biological [equipment] to masks," said Lt.
RADVISION's ProLab solution is the most advanced, powerful test platform for voice and video over IP (V2oIP) products on the market today," said Adi Paz, Director of Product Management and Marketing for RADVISION's Technology Business Unit.
With the increase of testing in our schools, teachers need to recognize the role test anxiety plays in student performance and then implement effective strategies to assist students who are overshadowed this trait.
Headquarters Air Force/Test and Evaluation (HQ AF/TE) released a new test and evaluation instruction (Air Force Instruction [AFI] 99-103) on August 6, 2004.
Many of these large-scale tests use complex or idiomatic language in the instructions and items, so ELLs might have problems understanding the language of the test or it may take them longer to understand it (Garcia & Pearson, 1994).
The test is being applied by a makeshift militia of researchers, health-care providers, and community-based health workers, trained to use it.
Since it is ideal to use "realistic" test data, each test database is usually a clone of the production database, and special test cases may be added before testing begins.
Instead, the standard test protocol calls for calculating flexural stress at 5% strain.
Scalia, who three months later would join the majority opinion upholding the drug test policy, did not seem troubled by that suggestion.
With this being the case, it is possible to have a casting with low nodularity as well as carbides pass the ultrasonic test as a good casting.
At present there is no viral load test approved by the FDA for the purpose of diagnosing HIV infection in individual patients.
So, as an experiment, he applied the Bush model retroactively to test scores in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Texas, three states that had improved their scores significantly in recent years.
NIST's capabilities to measure and test the attributes of digital IT systems had their beginnings in the expertise gained with the building of the digital electronic computer, SEAC, in the 1940s and 1950s and with the development of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) in the 1960s.