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A person's second home, usually located in a large city. The actor's primary residence was in California, but he had a pied-à-terre in New York City too.

a pied-à-terre

a small apartment or house in a city which belongs to someone whose main home is somewhere else and which they have so that they can visit the city whenever they want He has a pied-à-terre in Mayfair and a five-bedroom house in Dorset.
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For most of the past decade, the Terre Haute region's unemployment rate has lagged the state's unemployment rate by I.
By introducing a selection of pristine, locally grown and sustainably raised foods, Terre a Terre will offer diners the best of the region's foods - when they're at the height of flavor and freshness.
Selon le professeur au Centre de recherche agricole, Dr Zakariya Fouad, la culture sans terre a suscite l'interet vu la deterioration de la qualite des terres agricoles a cause du recours abondant aux engrais.
Stripe sweater, pounds 95, Whistles; orange skirt, pounds 90, Pied a Terre Prom dress, pounds 179, Minuet Petite; Jacqueline necklace, pounds 117, Stella & Dot; Kick Back Relax heel, pounds 68, Office * Blue top, pounds 75, Whistles; orange skirt, Pied a Terre; Sierra necklace, pounds 130, Stella & Dot; Krazy Paving heel, pounds 78, Office Orange dress, pounds 150, Pied a Terre; Libby layering necklace, pounds 55, Stella & Dot Stripe knit, pounds 75, Gerard Darel; Jacqueline necklace, pounds 117, Stella & Dot Floral top, pounds 85, Whistles; orange trouser, pounds 75, Stefanel; Jacqueline necklace, pounds 117, Stella & Dot
Terre a Terre chef Dino Pavledis said: "It produces a wonderful liquor that gives real depth of flavour.
Pied a Terre exudes glamour and is guaranteed to make a chic fashion statement in the home.
And no city had more on the line than Terre Haute, where Sony DADC began manufacturing Blu-ray discs two years ago and has expanded its eastern Indiana operations several times.
Green wedge slingbacks, pounds 55 @ Dune; Red peep toes, pounds 195 by D&G @ Frasers; Cream wedges, pounds 60 by Bertie @ Frasers; Pink shoes, pounds 20 @ Dorothy Perkins; Pale yellow peep toes, pounds 65 @ Nine West; Yellow wedges, pounds 25 @ Dorothy Perkins; Navy shoes, pounds 20 @ New Look; Burgundy shoes, pounds 90 by Pied a Terre @ Frasers; Red bow peep toes, pounds 30 @ New Look; Grey sling backs, pounds 145 by Pied a Terre @ Frasers; Peep toes, pounds 145 by Pied a Terre @ Frasers
Deux mille huit sera l'annee centrale d'un groupe de trois ans consacre a la Planete Terre debutant en janvier 2007 et se terminant en decembre 2009.
La Terre Bordeaux, which consists of a Merlot and a Sauvignon Blanc, is designed to tempt lapsed Bordeaux drinkers back to the region's wines and to attract younger New World wine drinkers into the category.
ca Year first published: 2002 Parent co: Union des producteurs agricoles Circ: 37,623 (ABC) via insert into La Terre de chez nous.
Des activites de transformation depassant la capacite, la pression permanente exercee sur les prix payes par les acheteurs finaux pour les produits finis, notamment au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne et aux Pays-Bas, pays ou un volume important se vend a un prix situe entre 99 centimes et 1,49 le kilo et la croissance lente de la demande des consommateurs; tous ces elements continuent a poser de serieux problemes aux producteurs de pommes de terre surgelees d'Europe.
Terre Hill Composites' patented Multiplexx PVCP lining system offers unmatched corrosion protection against sewer acids, as well as the elimination of infiltration and exfiltration, and the arrest of root intrusion in manholes.
Youngsters get bags and a colorful Panchito card while adults have an opportunity to check out the information and sign up for free address labels at the DAV auto-graph and information tent during the 2005 Air Fair at the Terre Haute, Ind.
The first place winner will also be eligible to compete against winners from other countries for an additional $11,000 at the Terre De Femme International ceremony, Paris, France, on March 8, 2005.