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Scholars suggest that since would-be candidates know members will be termed out anyway, they have tended to wait their turn.
He notes that GOP lawmakers termed out of the Michigan legislature have filled so many posts in Gov.
Others termed out of the state Legislature joined the council that included Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who won a City Council seat two years after his first run for mayor failed in 2001, a race that came less than one year after he was termed out as state Assembly speaker.
Auerbach said he plans to retire before he would be termed out of office but joined Cooley in the request for the benefit of people who will occupy his position in the future.
The mayor, city attorney and city controller were forced out by term limits, and the last of the old breed - Hal Bernson, Ruth Galanter, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Nate Holden - will be termed out in 2003.
People who are elected under term limits look around and suddenly realize they could be termed out, and they try to change the limits, arguing they are different.
Mayor James Hahn, who was termed out as city attorney after 16 years, took that position last week in vetoing a measure to go on the March ballot.
was termed out, said she felt personal conflict on the issue.