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Admitting this to be true of desire generally, let us suppose a particular class of desires, and out of these we will select hunger and thirst, as they are termed, which are the most obvious of them?
The object of science is knowledge (assuming that to be the true definition), but the object of a particular science is a particular kind of knowledge; I mean, for example, that the science of house-building is a kind of knowledge which is defined and distinguished from other kinds and is therefore termed architecture.
Once the self-proclaimed "Ayatollah of the Assembly" Willie Brown was termed out of office, no successor has seized equivalent power.
A full third of the members who would have been termed out this year have already left, snatching the first attractive opportunities to come their way.
Without an extension, seven of the 15 members will be termed out in 2009.
Los Angeles voters will be asked this fall to extend current limits for City Council members from eight years to 12, a plan placed on the ballot by the current council, seven of whose 15 members will otherwise be termed out by the middle of 2009.