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tend to do something

to have a tendency to do something. Jill tends to play with her hair while she works. Sam tends to say things like that when he is upset.
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tend toward something

to have a tendency to display a certain characteristic. Roger tends toward the dramatic. We all tend toward bad humor during bad weather.
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tend to

1. Apply one's attention, as in We should tend to our business, which is to teach youngsters. This term uses tend in the sense of "attend." [1300s]
2. Be disposed or inclined, as in We tend to believe whatever we are told. This term uses tend in the sense of "have a tendency." [c. 1600]
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tend to

To apply one's attention to something; attend to something: I must tend to my chores before I can go outside.
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tend toward

1. To have a tendency toward something: Most kinds of paint tend toward peeling over time.
2. To be disposed or inclined toward something: Many children tend toward exaggeration.
3. To move or extend in some direction: Our ship tended toward the northern coast.
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Among the developments helping to explain the weakness in money and the rise in velocity were a variety of business and balance sheet pressures that tended to reduce total borrowing and channel credit flows away from depository institutions, thereby lessening the need of those institutions to increase their monetary liabilities.
While there was no consistent relationship between geographic region and compensation, companies in the Northeast tended to pay the most.
Cruz argues that it should be in no way surprising that nineteenth-century Spanish liberal politics tended to be elitist, corrupt, personalistic and frequently dominated by clientage and patronage.
Commodity prices had tended to fluctuate in a narrow range and appeared consistent with progress toward price stability.
Animals that paced for large portions of the observation period tended to belong to large, wide-ranging species.
Factors that tended to make people dissatisfied with their jobs included their co-workers, their boss, job security, and lack of opportunities to learn and grow.
Until about five years ago, scientists studying aggression tended to include only direct physical or verbal efforts to injure another person.
Certainly an elaboration of the not yet adequately investigated view that the religious affiliations of the Ponentini (Iberians of New Christian origin who reverted to Judaism) sometimes tended to be secondary to their business interest would shed light on a key issue.
Here he shows that the lower middle class tended to perpetuate the traditional artisan household, which included members of only the nuclear family plus unrelated journeymen and apprentices, while the upper middle class household often contained an extended family, members of which were involved in the family business, while mere employees of the business were excluded.
The federal funds rate remained near 5 3/4 percent, while adjustment plus seasonal borrowing tended to average a little above assumed levels because of somewhat greater usage of adjustment credit.
5 alcoholic drinks per month, wine drinkers tended to eat more salads, more fish, more cooked vegetables, and more fruit, Tjonneland's team reports in the January American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
About eight weeks later, after a meeting between groups including the residents, the mayor's office, the Department of Water and Power and the Street Maintenance Bureau, the water was restored, Hawley Smith said, but not before the carefully tended landscaping had shriveled.
It may strike many as odd that when Jean-Claude Margolin wishes to describe Erasmus as the "preceptor of Europe," one of the examples he gives of Erasmian influence centers around the Jesuits, who tended to regard Erasmus as the enemy of all piety.
Broad measures of prices and wages pointed to moderating inflation pressures, although a number of special factors tended to obscure underlying inflation trends.