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When money is tight, allocating resources does tend to be a zero sum game.
Some members observed that under current circumstances an easing action might have a relatively limited effect in stimulating monetary growth over the months ahead, but such a policy move would nonetheless tend to boost spending by reducing the costs of borrowing.
The study shows that physician and nonphysician managers do tend to make decisions differently in some respects and similarly in others.
Leaders with this disposition tend to be very quarrelsome and quick to take the offensive.
In FMEN1, specific endocrine glands such as the parathyroid glands tend to become overactive.
These experts will bring their inspired content and posts to Tend to help spark new discussions and offer practical advice.
2 : to pay attention <You should tend to business.
We do tend to attract the better and the brightest,'' Smith said.
Certain polyols tend to separate segment phases much more effectively.
We tend to know a lot about technology and its limitations and relatively little about combat environments and their requirements.
They tend to be on the buy side in the stock categories that have traditionally outperformed the market: small stocks, high dividend stocks, and value stocks.
Infant mortality in captivity, often the result of neglectful mothering, didn't correlate with infant mortality in the wild or with typical adult weights but did tend to increase with size of the home range.
Andrews' voice, but she's done more on-screen housekeeping and childrearing than Mary Poppins and Maria yon Trapp put together, and the only reason that most of us don't think of her as nanny of the year is that when women of color take up this kind of domestic labor of love they tend to be called housekeepers or maids.
Business books tend to look pretty much like other books.
His examination of hundreds of marriage contracts in seventeenth-century Montpellier, for example, makes it clear that Huguenots in the city did tend to be wealthier than their Catholic counterparts in the city.