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run a temperature

To have an abnormally high body temperature (a fever), which is indicative of or caused by illness. Dan: "How's Pete feeling?" Marshall: "Well, he ran a temperature last night, but he seemed a lot better this morning after some rest." I think I've started running a temperature. Maybe I should go lie down.
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room-temperature IQ

slang The IQ possessed by an inept computer user. Room temperature is 70 degrees in Fahrenheit and 21 degrees in Celsius—two numbers significantly lower than the average IQ (which is around 100). I know this design change makes sense to us, but will someone with a room-temperature IQ be able to navigate it?

run a fever and run a temperature

to have a body temperature higher than normal; to have a fever. I ran a fever when I had the flu. The baby is running a temperature and is grouchy.
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take someone's temperature

to measure a person's body temperature with a thermometer. I took my temperature and I found that I am running a fever. The nurse took my temperature and said I was okay.
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run a fever

to have a high body temperature caused by an illness He developed a very bad ear infection and ran a fever for a couple of days.
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run a fever

Also, run a temperature. Suffer from a body temperature higher than normal, as in She was running a fever so I kept her home from school. These idioms use run in the sense of "cause to move," in this case upward. [Early 1900s]
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