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take a telling-off

To be scolded, rebuked, or reprimanded, as for a wrongdoing. I took a telling-off from my teacher in front of the whole class for sticking my tongue out at him. My brother just can't take a telling-off. If our parents even raise their voices to him, he starts getting teary-eyed!
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tell a (little) white lie

To tell a seemingly small, insignificant, or harmless lie, often presumably in order not to offend or upset someone. I knew Jenny would be upset if she knew I didn't want go to the movies with her tomorrow, so I just told her a white lie about having to take care of my elderly grandmother. Don't get into the habit of telling little white lies, or, pretty soon, you'll start telling big, fat, ugly ones.
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tell fortunes

To (profess to) anticipate, and inform about, future outcomes or see what future events will take place. There's this old lady in the apartment next to mine who tells fortunes for ten bucks. I never go in for stuff like that, but I'll admit that I'm a bit curious.
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tell (someone) what's what

To inform someone of the true facts or most fundamental information (about someone or something). After putting it off for a week, Sarah finally told Jane what's what and ended their relationship. You're so naïve about the way you think this business operates, so allow me to finally tell you what's what.
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I don't mind telling you (something).

I want you to know something. Tom: You have a beautiful garden. Mary: Thank you. But I don't mind telling you, it's an awful lot of work. I don't mind telling you, I was as pleased as Punch when my daughter won the race.
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tale never loses in the telling

Prov. When people tell stories, they tend to exaggerate. Johnny's bicycle accident tale never loses in the telling; he convinced his friends that four semi trucks had been involved, when in fact he only ran into one parked car.
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You're telling me!

Inf. I know all too well the truth of what you are saying. Tom: Man, it's hot today! Bob: You're telling me! Jane: This food is really terrible. Sally: Wow! You're telling me!
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there's no telling

also there is no telling
it is impossible to guess There's no telling how much damage has been done to young people by these “designer drugs.” Even when we don't let them loose, there's no telling what kind of trouble the puppies will get into.
Related vocabulary: you never can tell
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You're telling me!

something that you say to emphasize that you agree with something someone has just complained about because you have experienced it yourself 'Brenda's really bad-tempered these days.' 'You're telling me!'
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there's no telling

It's impossible to determine, as in There's no telling how many children will come down with measles, or There's no telling what will happen in the next episode of that soap opera. This idiom uses telling in the sense of "reckoning," a usage dating from the late 1300s.
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you're telling me

I'm well aware of that, as in She's a terrific dancer.-You're telling me! I taught her how, or You're telling me, the prices are sky-high here. [Early 1900s]
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A primary feature of the legislation is the creation of the post of Director of National Intelligence, whom both supporters and opponents have tellingly referred to as an "intelligence czar.
Tellingly Armstrong didn't run to the fans when he scored it.
The star-studded list of contributors gives the book a bit of weight, but tellingly seems to point the reader towards the writers' major work: we'll have to go elsewhere for real scholarship.
However, the Joffrey production was as clear as spoken words, every movement motivated and tellingly simple.
Most tellingly, the director of crime reduction at offenders' charity Nacro said the supervision order would be a ``test of the criminal justice system''.
Read rightly, Duvall argues, Morrison's work can be seen to declare nothing so tellingly as the scripted identity of its author.
Tellingly, the absent presence of the black woman on the Shakespearean stage becomes marginalized in the essay itself (199, n7), though with the promise of future directions for research.
Curiously and perhaps tellingly on my visit, the other video surfers were two Japanese girls.
Perhaps tellingly, Piccardi notes, this encounter happened little more than a mile from the spot where a major quake would strike in 1901.
Hills, plus IG and Sporting, the two firms who bet on Division Three minis, also award five points if a team keeps a clean sheet and, tellingly, deduct a whopping 15 for each player a team has sent off.
Tellingly, wags portrayed both Anne Heche and Julie Cypher (exes of Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge) as "never having really been gay at all"--rather than portraying them as having a fluid sexuality or using the word everyone chokes on: bisexual After all, whatever bisexuality may or may not be (please, hold your cards and E-mails), it is definitely a gray area Both gays and straights freak over the uncertainty of this label, and yet trying to force either of these women into a category just to ease our own angst seems ridiculous.
Tellingly, Compel's shares closed down 141/1p to 1851/1p, while Computacenter's jumped 81/1p to 331p.
But tellingly, they are also now beginning to blame the Government for the careless way so many livelihoods have been placed at risk.
Nevertheless, the overall picture is that of a movement in retreat, most tellingly in the place where it all started: Iran.