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Twenty tellable tales: Audience Participation Folktales for the Beginning Storyteller.
Her memoir belongs to the type that maintains an ongoing tension between the concealed and the revealed, the guilt of the mother who feels she has abandoned her child and to preserve her defenses has created a tellable tale (in 1981, the same year Stark's book was published, Isabelle Vital-Tihany published La Vie sauve about how she survived in Budapest in 1944-45).
Since the epic, like the novel later, is characterized by its polyphonic structure, it is instructive to examine whose perception, interpretation, and evaluation are considered tellable, and what different value-positions can be constructed.
we are each of us locations where the stories of our place and time become partially tellable.
He obfuscates the radical potential of what he hears and sees, encrypting and secreting his father's story within an altogether more tellable fiction about his grandfather.
It is interesting that the process shifts from the tellable to the untellable: stories of the past can be recounted, but for the individual to revisit his past, there must be a passage through and beyond verbalization.