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If Goosal can tell where to begin excavating for the city he ought to tell the professor, not us.
You tell me what to do, and whatever you say I'll do it.
Wuz I his mother tell he was fifteen years old, or wusn't I?
Your master the King has sent me hither to tell you to send him his golden armour and his steed and the silver apple.
He was going to tell me how unhappy he would be if I did not care for him, but when he saw me cry he said he was a brute and would not add to my present trouble.
And now, sir, tell me and tell me true, who you are and where you come from.
cried Ripple, as she floated away on the breeze; "give a kindly word to the mother who waits on the shore, and tell her I have not forgotten my vow, but hope soon to see her again.
And then he goes on to tell of the astonishment of everybody who saw it; and what his wife said, when he got home, and of what Joe Buggles thought about it.
And Pierre, his voice trembling continually, went on to tell of the last days of their retreat, of Karataev's illness and his death.
You can tell them this if you will, Cecil, - my uncle Lord Davenant, your mother, and whoever had a say in this miserable affair.
What I know," she said, "or at least most of it, I am going to tell you.
Aynesworth," he remarked, "is going to tell you some interesting facts about myself.
Emily questioned the woman who had been left in charge of the cottage, and found that she had next to nothing to tell.
And the minstrel who had a good tale to tell was ever sure of a welcome, and for his pains he was rewarded with money, jewels, and even land.
I shall have something to tell you in the orchard this evening," said the Story Girl at breakfast one morning.