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telescope into something

[for one cylindrical part of something] to fit down inside another part, thereby reducing the length of the whole. This part telescopes into this part. The tent poles telescoped into a small, compact unit.
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In order to detect infrared light coming from places that are tremendously far away, the telescope has to be super cold.
Root, who is heading up the library telescope donation program for Aldrich, said.
Each telescope is built, configured, tested, and then dismantled at the Goleta, California headquarters before we put them back together on site.
The telescope network will also target specific objects over longer time periods, making extended observations that are not possible with just one telescope.
Nick Kaiser, a scientist who works on the project, says the Pan-STARRS telescope has been designed to find "90 percent of all killer asteroids, near-Earth asteroids bigger than 300 meters.
The Palmdale School District has actually been working on the telescope project for about six years, through several different versions.
Your best bet is to avoid jamming the telescope and adapter together.
His first telescope was given to him by his parents so that he could watch the 1986 return of Halley's Comet.
In gratitude for Vicuna's success in redesigning public lighting, the National Science Foundation donated a telescope to the community.
When Lagalla reads through Galileo's telescope he reacts indirectly to Galileo's attempt in The Starry Messenger (1610) to persuade readers of the new discoveries he has made with the telescope by getting them to adopt a new way of reading.
Color-enhanced image of the Eskimo nebula, or cloud of interstellar gas, as seen by the Keck telescope.
Telescope time is rare, and few astronomers have the luxury of studying the same stars night after night, year after year.
The third telescope in the Phase I portion is the Columbus Project, a partnership with Italy's Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory and other groups.
Combining the classic look of the original orange tube telescopes with state-of-the-art features, including a fully computerized operating system, flash upgradeable hand control and superior StarBright XLT coatings, the NexStar SE Telescopes give users a high-performance telescope that turns the backyard into a deep space knowledge center for the whole family.
It's the largest solar telescope that has ever flown into space.