teething problems

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teething problems/troubles

problems that you experience in the early stages of an activity
Usage notes: When babies are teething (= getting their first set of teeth) they are often in pain and cry a lot.
There were the usual teething troubles at the start of the project, but that's to be expected. Many marriages go through teething problems in the first few months.
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The teething problems at its new warehouse in Alfreton caused disruption for all its customers, leading to missed promotional slots and reorders.
We had a few teething problems which you expect with a new project.
Summary: Sport sticker album company Panini said Thursday it has been beset with a number of embarrassing teething problems with its first-ever edition for the women's World Cup, but insisted it was a success.
Dubai Over the past 10 days, Dubai Police were called in at least five times to the Indian Passport and Visa Service centre in Bur Dubai as teething problems continue at the recently established centre, Gulf News has learnt.
Indeed, a political accommodation of this nature is bound to experience teething problems.
Under this scheme the builder or the insurers can be called on to rectify teething problems as well as more serious faults.
Store manager Steven Holgan (left) has since departed, but acting manager Robert McDonald said the store had settled into its surroundings, despite teething problems with the car park.
Ann Wright, a director of the trust, said: "Most calls are being answered within the minute and we're working to improve this, but we have experienced some teething problems.
Admittedly, there were still teething problems, and there will be those who think that if there are still teething problems after a year, it's time to abandon the gripe water and call in the dentist with the biggest drill; but be patient, I say.
After all, what other long established business would have an annual turnover of more than pounds 20million while still experiencing major teething problems.
A spokesperson for Nielsen said that most of the problems had been solved, but bookseller Waterstone's said that they were still seeing teething problems affect the system, reports The Bookseller.
The facility is capable of processing 45,000 tonnes of peanuts per annum but has had teething problems.
Inevitably, this search for a simpler existence based on self-sufficiency is not without its teething problems.
8 per cent rise in sales in their own shops - as teething problems at their new centralised warehouse also took their toll.
Expressing its confidence in the aircraft, in spite of several teething problems, low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced that has inked a deal for two new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.