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teething troubles

1. Lit. pain and crying on the part of a baby whose teeth are growing in. Billy has been whining because of teething troubles.
2. Fig. difficulties and problems experienced in the early stages of a project, activity, etc. There have been a lot of teething troubles with the new computer system. We have finally gotten over the teething troubles connected with the new building complex.
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teething problems/troubles

problems that you experience in the early stages of an activity
Usage notes: When babies are teething (= getting their first set of teeth) they are often in pain and cry a lot.
There were the usual teething troubles at the start of the project, but that's to be expected. Many marriages go through teething problems in the first few months.
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They have now expanded the business and sell a variety of teething aids, blankets and comforters.
Inevitably, this search for a simpler existence based on self-sufficiency is not without its teething problems.
The super-absorbent cotton soaks up dribble and damp, preventing rashes and sore skin, while the silicone teether is placed in the ideal spot for baby to reach and nibble away the teething blues.
com ASHTON & PARSONS INFANT 20 PAIN RELIEF POWDERS THIS traditional herbal medicine containing tincture of Matricaria, is used to relieve the symptoms of teething.
Nurse your baby often, as a teething baby needs comfort and closeness.
Customers have a variety of choices in the type, size and brand of teether they want, but only the ecoGreenBee infant teething toy offers peace of mind when it comes to protecting babies from getting sick needlessly.
uk Bonjela Teething Gel A SUGAR-FREE, banana flavour gel which provides soothing relief from the pain and discomfort associated with infant teething.
Details: Go Gaga Squeeze & Teethe Coco the Monkey teething toys.
Kings Priory requires a period of consolidation, some time to put those teething troubles right.
Co-host Kevin Stanfield was left surprised as Lisa Dutton motioned her clenched fist towards her mouth and said that when her son was teething he used to take the rubber end of her vibrating toothbrush and put it in his mouth.
Summary: David Cameron has insisted that London is sorting out teething problems with ticketing and transport which have arised during the Games.
To help parents that are searching for a safe natural, benzocaine-free treatment for teething pain, Boiron offers Camilia, a homeopathic medicine that targets gum swelling and minor digestive disorders as well as pain associated with teething.
Dubai Over the past 10 days, Dubai Police were called in at least five times to the Indian Passport and Visa Service centre in Bur Dubai as teething problems continue at the recently established centre, Gulf News has learnt.
There have been teething problems going into the new hospital as you get with all new buildings," said Ms Tsemelis.
After seven months of breast-feeding, the babies of the mothers received three teething rings, one at a time.