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childish Particularly small or tiny. I'm not hungry myself, but I'd love to try just a teensy-weensie bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teensy-weensie, because they grow up very fast!


childish Extremely small; tiny. I'm not hungry, but I'd love to try just a teeny-weeny bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teeny-weeny, because they grow up very fast!


and teenie-weenie and teensy-weensy (ˈtiniˈwini and ˈtintsiˈwintsi)
mod. tiny. Could you move just a teenie-weenie bit to the left?


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Teensy Studios is an indie game studio, with an innovative and creative team of developers and designers.
Posh's bunion pronounces her human, fallible and just a teensy bit ugly.
From teensy flowers to big bouquets there's a floral pattern to suit everyone.
Of course, there's the fleeting chance a neighbour may mention in passing the fact there was a teensy weensy bit of a fire at the house, but them's the breaks.
It changes the formerly teensy Cooper hatchback into the 2008 Cooper Clubman: a longer, roomier Mini with a rear-hinged panel door on the vehicle's right side.
On another, a tiny friend with a teensy vacuum cleaner sucking up all the fairy dust.
Ferrell's natural ability to play the earnest, holy fool man-child, coupled with the immense slapstick potential of this 6-foot-plus oaf having been raised to act like one of Santa's teensy elves, makes for a central figure who is always fun.
Last May, this teensy Elliot's chameleon (Chamaeleo ellioti) was born at the Oceanarium in Bournemouth, England.
I am five minutes older than Norma so I am a teensy bit more mature," laughed Marion.
Of course, there are still those teensy problems with violating international law and subverting the U.
It isn't, and it's all because of a teensy little sticking point: human studies.
But Rhoades hedges his bets; his art appears hatched from a mind not so much twisted as teensy.
In fact, these days, even the teensy National Community Education Association of Alexandria, Virginia, has a "National Community Education Foundation" to take tax-deductible contributions.
These nickel parts, which might one day form the mechanical heart of teensy motors or minute power tools, range in width between a tenth and a fifth of a millimeter, smaller than a salt grain.