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tease (something) out

1. To separate something that has become entangled or overly complicated. My mother used a hairbrush to tease the knot out of my hair. I wasn't able to tease out the meaning of the film, even after watching it again for the fourth time.
2. To lure, obtain, or extract something out of hiding or secrecy. Usually followed by "of (someone, something, or some place)." I used a piece of cheese covered with peanut butter to tease the mouse out of the wall. After a lot or probing and coaxing, we finally teased an answer out of the boss.
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tease someone about someone or something

to make fun of someone about someone or something; to poke fun at someone about someone or something. The boys teased Don about his girlfriend. Stop teasing me about it!
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tease someone into doing something

to force someone to do something through teasing or tormenting. Sam teased her into doing what he wanted. Perhaps you can tease him into leaving, but he won't go if you ask him.
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tease something out

Fig. to separate threads or hairs by combing. The hairdresser teased Jill's hair out carefully. The hairdresser teased out Jill's hair.
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tease something out of something

 and tease something out
to lure something out of something by teasing or tempting. I managed to tease the cat out of the tree with a bit offish. I teased out the cat.
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tease out

Lure out, obtain or extract with effort, as in We had a hard time teasing the wedding date out of him. This term alludes to the literal sense of tease, "untangle or release something with a pointed tool." [Mid-1900s]
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tease out

To remove or obtain something by or as if by untangling or releasing with a pointed tool or device: I teased the knot out with a pair of tweezers. The interviewer teased the truth out of the politician.
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A substantial proportion of female college students reported a history of weight related teasing experiences (36.
So that the CLP patients can tackle their psychosocial problems for instance decreased self-confidence, increased teasing, problems of adjustment at school may be resolved.
A three-factor model of teasing: The influence of friendship, gender, and topic on expected emotional reactions to teasing during early adolescence.
There are some laws exist to protect women for eve teasing, in section 76 of Metropolitan Police act 1976 eve teasing was first addressed as a punishable offence with a maximum of one year custody which was very irrational punishment because a victim of sexual harassment has to suffer with ache for life time, even after their death, their generation also suffer where the offender happily lead life after only 365 days of imprisonment.
Because it frequently goes unreported, teasing and bullying are more common than most teachers, administrators and parents realize.
This article reports on the perceptions of three mothers as they engaged in research conversations about their children's teasing and the potential implications of those perceptions that emerged.
In the process of early teasing children are discovering how to use their bodies, voices and faces to communicate nuances of meaning.
Despite the ubiquitous and significant ramifications of chronic teasing, identification of youths at risk for negative psychosocial sequelae is difficult for school personnel.
Teasing is an important problem because consequences can be severe and include acts of violence to self and others.
Many of these children do not have a strong social network to rely on, and without a social network, they risk exclusion, isolation, teasing, and physical bullying.
She said she'd talk to the people who were teasing me.
When questioned by the counselor about this occurrence, the students responded that they had tried responding assertively but this particular person was still teasing them.
When family members teased middle school girls about their appearance, the teasing had a significant impact on the girls' dissatisfaction with their bodies, said Helene Keery, Ph.
On the air Jan began teasing her husband (who apparently decided to battle the gay rumors by draping his corpulent frame in hideous ultra-gay Versace knockoffs).
While the teasing leads to a fight that allows Lowry to meet his future love interest, it also distorts his self-image.