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tease someone about someone or something

to make fun of someone about someone or something; to poke fun at someone about someone or something. The boys teased Don about his girlfriend. Stop teasing me about it!
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tease someone into doing something

to force someone to do something through teasing or tormenting. Sam teased her into doing what he wanted. Perhaps you can tease him into leaving, but he won't go if you ask him.
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tease something out

Fig. to separate threads or hairs by combing. The hairdresser teased Jill's hair out carefully. The hairdresser teased out Jill's hair.
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tease something out of something

 and tease something out
to lure something out of something by teasing or tempting. I managed to tease the cat out of the tree with a bit offish. I teased out the cat.
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tease out

Lure out, obtain or extract with effort, as in We had a hard time teasing the wedding date out of him. This term alludes to the literal sense of tease, "untangle or release something with a pointed tool." [Mid-1900s]
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tease out

To remove or obtain something by or as if by untangling or releasing with a pointed tool or device: I teased the knot out with a pair of tweezers. The interviewer teased the truth out of the politician.
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The mothers' perceptions provided an opportunity to examine parent histories and child-rearing beliefs in relation to teasing, as well as the potential impact of those beliefs and actions as a license to tease between siblings.
The specific items that served as the focus of a tease were categorized as follows: clothing (26.
The second part of the tease asked if I, as a viewer, thought the reward would make a difference.
When news shows combine hyperbolic slogans with scary teases, they create unnecessary tension and confusion.
The series creator's tease on his Instagram account jd1375 did not reveal any other information on the premiere episode.
A typical tease today might include just two or three video clips.
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There is a one-week break but the CW Network released the synopsis for "The Originals" Season 2, episode 9 titled "The Map of Moments" to tease the fans what to expect in the brand new episode of the CW spinoff series.
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However, the episode's synopsis teases that someone will show up and ruins Stefan and Elena's bonding time.
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The shape of the cloud is ever-changing," the video promoting the Computex 2012 expo teases.