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and brain-teaser
n. a puzzle, especially one that requires thinking. Can you help me with this brain-teaser? I can spend my whole vacation doing brain-twisters.




1. n. a (found) cigarette butt. The hobo picked up the teaser from the street and put it in a little bag.
2. n. a brief sample of something, such as a performance. The teasers they showed before the film were the best part of the evening.
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If the one-minute-19-second long teaser is anything to go by, they have a winner on hand already.
News selection was operationalized as each user's intended choice of articles between teaser bundles containing reach or controversy (i.
Teaser is not a whodunit to solve for hardcore mystery buffs, but it's a fun, action-filled ride, particularly for fans of crime dramas.
Use this trend to your advantage, and not just for the teaser videos mentioned previously.
In a bid to discourage companies from extending teaser rates loans, RBI had increased the provisioning requirement on such loans in its monetary policy last fiscal.
State Bank of India (NSE: SBI) (SBI), which is to withdraw its teaser loans following intervention by the central bank, has said that its business would not be affected by the withdrawal of the rate.
This was the lure that banks were using to attract potential home loan takers - teaser rates.
For archive Baggies v United action, and the answer to our weekly teaser question, log on to www.
The kicker in that particular mailing was the use of a teaser on the outer envelope, said Meredith, who said PPFA splashed across the tops of all its mailings the call-to-action teasers: "Keroack Update," or "Out With Keroack.
17 were treated to the full trailer--not a teaser, mind you--for "Spider-Man 3" nearly seven months before the franchise sequel opens on May 4.
When I profiled the package in 1997 the teaser had shifted to "We Tell Secrets," but in 2006 they are back to the original form.
McGee said that in recent years more than half of home purchases were financed with interest-only adjustable loans or option adjustables with very low teaser rates.
The latest Challenging Brain Teaser requires participants to submit a winning strategy for two roulette players in a casino who are bound by certain specific conditions.
A teaser mailing was developed and mailed to progressive retailers in the target markets to initiate the interactive communication.
com have launched teaser multiples for this week's NFL games.