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So what is she capable of and how will that be explored on our show is stuff that we want to play with and you will see some advancement in that plot in these first batch of episodes," Narducci further teased.
Verbal responses were brief and did not include discussions of the behavior or consequences of teasing or any conversation concerning the recipient's feelings of being teased.
Although adolescents may be teased about a variety of aspects of their appearance, several researchers have documented that teasing about weight in particular, is damaging to the emotional and physical well-being of an adolescent.
If we can help kids who get teased learn more effective strategies, they will develop better social competencies and resilience.
I used to get teased at school by others in the PE class and was always the last one to be picked.
When family members teased middle school girls about their appearance, the teasing had a significant impact on the girls' dissatisfaction with their bodies, said Helene Keery, Ph.
Whether it was the industrial-strength eye makeup, the cotton-candy wiglets woven together and teased into a cascading pink mane, or the helium-inflected Georgia drawl punctuated with babyish cooing and upper-register burbling, I was hooked.
At school, Lowry is teased because of his Kentucky accent.
Everyone knows about 'mean girls,' but parents may not realize the potential long-term impact on their daughters and their sense of well-being of being bullied or teased by other girls," said Sharon A.
Every time someone teased me, I would try to convince myself that they weren't much taller than I was.
Fathers teased their children by placing objects in the way of their children's goals or by physically redirecting them away from a desired goal or object.
A FATHER who went too far when he teased and taunted his teenage daughter has been sentenced by a court to 180 hours unpaid community work.
It is those surfaces, and the perfectionist intensity with which they are teased out, that give the movie its share of pulp poetry.
As they arrived Hurley teased Anderson about the size of her breasts and tried to button up her blouse.
While most children in school are teased at one time or another, some research indicates that kids with disabilities are particularly vulnerable.