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Asbell and Chiang (18) showed that the PRT tear test had less individual variation than the STT and was better at detecting small differences in eyes with reduced tear film.
A cure for dry eye could be in sight with better understanding of the basic dynamics of the tear film.
The surface of the tear film then cools slightly, and for dry-eyed patients the rate of cooling can be higher.
A meta-analysis suggests that the diagnostic accuracy of orthopedic shoulder exams is overestimated, and that these exams are only rarely useful to differentiate RC tears.
Most dogs respond well to a special eye drop which stimulates the tear gland to produce greater quantities of tears.
Additionally, the author is purporting to find the treatment for rotator cuff tear that best fits the specific need of each patient.
Doctors are still confused as to what exactly is causing these stone tears because she looks very healthy and does not have any form of eye infections.
Growing up in the male world, tears were an open invitation to have some opinionated young man attempt to stuff my head in a toilet - not that they really needed an invitation.
The tear may progress with time and larger tears have been shown to have higher failure rates with surgery.
Reporting online January 6 in Science, Shani Gelstein and Noam Sobel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and colleagues present the first evidence that human tears contain pheromones, molecules that influence behavior via the olfactory system.
An MRI can diagnose a tear in the disc of cartilage cushioning the knee, but it does not reliably predict which tears can be repaired with surgery, a new study finds.
TINY Tears, the UK's bestloved baby doll, emerged almost 40 years ago as the first, fully-functional, feeding, crying and wetting doll.
5 million skin tears per year in institutionalized adults.
More recently, there has been renewed interest in tear ferning--a test that is believed to reflect the biochemistry of tears in a similar way.