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tear a strip off (someone)

To scold, upbraid, or rebuke someone very severely, as for an error or wrongdoing. The teacher really tore a strip off me for causing a disruption in class again.
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tear up the pea patch

obsolete To go on or indulge in a wild outburst, spree, or rampage. (Used largely in relation to sports, especially baseball, where the phrase originated in reference to players running amok and ruining the game.) Primarily heard in US. Another fight has broken out between the two teams. These boys are positively tearing up the pea patch! A few rowdy types entered the bar and tore up the pea patch. They didn't even pay for anything!
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A combination of inadequate feeding and the strain rate has been qualitatively described as a cause of hot tearing.
A study involving several hot tearing tests concluded the RDG model has the greatest potential of predicting hot tearing, but only on qualitative basis.
It is a well known practical observation that hot tearing can be reduced or eliminated in controlled casting conditions that prevent formation of large temperature and stress gradients.
Experiments in which several magnesium alloys were poured into preheated molds determined the critical preheat temperature above which hot tearing does not occur.
The researchers tried to simulate similar conditions and determine what hot tearing criterion matches prior experimental observations.
Left untreated, irritated and tearing eyes can lead to more serious problems such as blurry vision, cornea infections, and even an ocular surface disease called keratoconjunctivitis sicca.
On another front, recent research suggests that inflammation may contribute to chronic, ineffective tearing.
Critical tearing energies were determined using a standard method which is detailed elsewhere (ref.
The tearing energy of specimens made from hoses removed from high mileage vehicles was also determined.
Aging causes the critical tearing energy of both CPE and CSM compounds to decrease, regardless of the specifics of the aging conditions.
Table 2 shows values of the tearing energy of both tubes and covers removed from impulse testing after various numbers of cycles.
For this reason, the development of a criteria that combines the results of both analyses to show areas at risk of hot tearing in a single picture has been undertaken.
Sybert was accused of tearing down two signs on April 27.
The low-zinc yellow brass (C85200) also was susceptible to drossing and hot tearing, while the high-zinc yellow brass (C85800) was prone to drossing but not to hot tearing.
Sahoo, MTL, concluded that filtering, degassing and the addition of Mischmetal (alone or in combination) improve the metal's hot tearing resistance.