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Ball Tearer is an Australian owned company with it's directors having over 75 years experience in the workwear industry and is currently being stocked in a number of workwear stores around the country.
Entries for actors in the Leksikon fun yidisbn tearer supplement this information, although tours abroad and their implications are generally only mentioned in passing.
Whole juvenile (age 1 year) Spisula bodies were homogenized in Trizol (Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA) with a tissue tearer (Biospec Products, Inc.
One is the scarily named Tongue Tearer - used for ripping out a prisoner's tongue.
The Tearer is uninhibited and fun, while The Folder who eats it like a sandwich is impatient, likely to be single and hates queues.
His later revelat ion that (at least) one of the veil tearers was a Lebanese-born Christian raises the important theme of religion in ethnonationalist discourses, not pursued by Hage but central to several relevant anthropological studies.