tear your hair

tear (one's) hair out

To be extremely anxious, worried, frustrated, or stressed out about something. We've been tearing our hair out trying to figure out what's causing the server outages. The kids have been out of control all morning long—they've got me tearing my hair out!
See also: hair, out, tear

tear your ˈhair (out)

(informal) be very worried or angry: Why are you so late home? Your mother and I have been tearing our hair out wondering where you were!
See also: hair, tear
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SOME house moves just make you want to tear your hair out.
But don't tear your hair out - it's the perfect excuse for petrol head dads and mums to organise a few motoring-related days out.
AS a footnote, this game can really make you tear your hair out at times.
If you're a teacher with all this pressure on you to raise test scores, this just makes you tear your hair out.