tear hair

tear one's hair (out)

Fig. to be anxious, frustrated, or angry. I was so nervous, I was about to tear my hair. I had better get home. My parents will be tearing their hair out.
See also: hair, tear

tear your hair (out)

(spoken) also pull your hair out
to be extremely worried or upset about something I got my new tax bill and decided I could tear my hair or move, so I've decided to sell and move. Companies are pulling their hair out trying to decide how to deal with these new regulations.
See also: hair, tear

tear (one's) hair

To be greatly upset or distressed.
See also: hair, tear
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Choose brushes with smooth nylon bristles over natural ones as they're less likely to tear hair.
HealthWire)--March 6, 1995--Aubrey Organics, America's first 100% natural cosmetics company, has introduced Green Tear Hair and Skin Care Line, 10 products that feature the healthful benefits of green tea.