tear down

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tear down

1. To rip or pull something down from a surface. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "down." The warden went around tearing down pictures and posters hanging up in prisoners' cells.
2. To dismantle or disassemble a large object or structure. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "down." After the concert, we'll need everyone on hand to help tear down the set.
3. To demolish a large object or structure. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "down." I can't believe they haven't torn that old building down yet.
4. To deride, vilify, or excoriate someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tear" and "down." The director has long been a bully, tearing down those around him who would dare to challenge his authority. I don't understand why he's always tearing my work down.
5. To travel down or along something very quickly. The kids tore down the stairs to see what Santa Claus had brought them for Christmas. The motorcycle tore down the street in an ostentatious display of speed and motor power.
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tear someone or something down

to criticize or degrade someone or something. Tom is always tearing Jane down. I guess he doesn't like her. It's not nice to tear down the people who work in your office. Why are you always tearing my projects down?
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tear something down

to dismantle or destroy something. They plan to tear the old building down and build a new one there. They'll tear down the building in about two weeks.
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tear down something

to race down something very fast. (See also tear something down.) The girls tore down the hallway as fast as they could run. They tore down the stairs and ran out the door.
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tear down

1. Demolish, take apart, as in They tore down the old tenements, or He loved to tear down old engines. [Early 1600s]
2. Vilify or discredit, as in He's always tearing down someone or other. [First half of 1900s]
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tear down

1. To demolish something; raze something: The city tore down the old warehouses. I put up posters, but my opponents tore them down.
2. To take something apart; disassemble something: The mechanic tore down the engine. We took out the motor and tore it down to find out what was wrong with it.
3. To make vicious and damaging statements about someone or something; denigrate someone or something: The speakers tried to change the audience's opinion, but the audience tore the speakers down.
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tore down

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The Simon Wiesenthal Center beseeches members of the UCC Synod to cast a vote against terrorism and for true reconciliation by voting down the Tear Down the Wall Resolution on Tuesday," said Cooper.
color) Work crews tear down the last building in the old apartment complex at the site of the new park.
Companies and individuals from the Phoenix and Verde Valley area have come in droves to help the 16-year-old wildlife park tear down, pack and move its 300+ wild by nature animals.
Anderson said Tuesday that he made sure the house had no historic protections before he bought the property for $580,000 in June, and later when he sought a demolition permit to tear down the house and build three homes on the large property.
And fourthly, a Call Tear Down feature, if the host detects a ring no answer after 60 seconds, it will tear down the call.
Longtime castle neighbors said they've watched new-home developers tear down stone houses and classic bungalows, but they couldn't tolerate the destruction of such a unique property.
Impresa has helped Bii reduce average inspection times from 21 days to three and the overhaul process from 45 to 20 days through the software's ability to effectively schedule, plan, manage, and track the receipt, tear down, disposition and rebuild cycle of high-value, complex assets.
But on Tuesday night, members of Kim Bond's Boy Scout Troop saw two anti-war protesters tear down Jason's sign and hoist one of their own reading, ``End the Occupation'' on the bridge over the Ventura Freeway at Lynn Road.
Then, the process starts to tear down bone faster than it builds it.
Hahn wants to tear down three perfectly good terminal buildings that airlines and passengers use every day; tear down the central parking structures at the airport; tear down a perfectly good neighborhood called Manchester Square, home to 7,000 people; erect two more giant buildings miles from the airport; then build a train to connect it all to LAX.
A protocol developed by the OIF, the UNI enables carriers to dynamically set up and tear down optical circuit connections across multi-vendor, multi-technology networks.
Homeowners would only be asked to tear down a noncomplying fence when they sell their homes.
A protocol developed by the OIF, UNI enables the dynamic set up and tear down of optical circuit connections across multi-vendor, multi-technology networks.
WHILE misconduct by sheriff's deputies uncovered by Los Angeles County's Office of Independent Review this week is disturbing, it shows the progress civilian reformers are making to tear down the systems that have allowed abuses.
The test verifies the proper operation of two major components of the equipment's SS7 stack: MTP layers 1-3, which provides link layer functionality, and ISUP (ISDN User Part), an application layer that performs call setup and tear down.