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wear (one's particular profession's) hat

To act as one would in one's particular profession while in a different setting. Bobby, I know you're off duty, but can you please wear your doctor's hat for five minutes and tell me what's wrong with my arm? I don't want to have to go to the hospital. My wife was still wearing her judge's hat when she tried to intervene with our neighbor's arguing kids.
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Experience is the best teacher.

Prov. You will learn more from things that happen to you in real life than you will from hearing about or studying things that happen to other people. I don't care how many books you read about how to run a business; experience is the best teacher. The nurse believed that experience was the best teacher when it came to developing a bedside manner, so she made sure that all her students spent a lot of time with patients.
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Experience is the teacher of fools.

Prov. Only fools do not learn after seeing other people's mistakes and insist on repeating them. Father: You should spend more time studying and less time having fun with your friends. If I had been a better student when I was your age, I'd have a better job now. Son: Oh, come on, Dad. School's worthless. Father: Don't make the same mistake I did! Experience is the teacher of fools.
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*teacher's pet

the teacher's favorite student. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Sally is the teacher's pet. She always gets special treatment. The other students don't like the teacher's pet.
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be wearing your [teacher's/lawyer's etc.] hat

  also have your [teacher's/lawyer's etc.] hat on
to be acting as you do when you are working as a teacher, lawyer etc., which may be different from the way you act in other situations I was wearing my teacher's hat at the meeting.
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teacher's pet

A person who has gained favor with authority, as in Al has managed to be teacher's pet in any job he has held. This expression transfers the original sense of a teacher's favorite pupil to broader use. [1920s]
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teacher's pet

Someone who seeks preferential treatment. A derisive epithet hurled at a student who tries to curry a teacher's favor in hopes of a better grade. Such a charge, valid or not, often led to cloakroom or schoolyard challenges and bloody noses. Outside of school, it was applied to people who insinuated themselves to authority in the hope of special treatment. The French equivalent is “teacher's little cabbage.”
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As our great universities turn corporatist and teacherly responsibilities are no longer understood, I am more and more drawn to this idea.
However, his strategic assumption of the world-weary teacherly role implies an unequal relation in the exchange with the other, whom he imagines to be a guileless student of Marxism.
Here we see more examples of the informal teacherly function to which the forum lends itself.
There is a moment when the poem threatens to undo the impact of this story through a sudden recuperation, in which fragmentation would give way to an epiphany of new wholeness-- the kind of leap from negation to fresh affirmation that Stevens sometimes made quietly convincing--but instead "Nightmare" ends in a less conventional, less comfortable, less teacherly way:
Addled by cognitive dissonance that the Care Bear before me had created such hilariously scathing cinema, and worn down by his "on message"-ness (delivered in teacherly tones, with an undercurrent of Yiddish singsong detectable to the trained ear), I got bored.
The phrase "to be pointed at" reminds us of the teacherly aspect of much of Frost's writing and steers us towards a synonym which is "imperfectly concealed," as he has it in line 32, "among the "leaves" of the "text albeit done in plant" of the mountain.
When he spoke again, he himself had the impression that in his pensive, matter-of-fact voice he could hear a teacherly, almost sermonizing tone, but he thought to himself: This is the right way to speak, this is not an inappropriate tone.
It's a perspective drawing, in white chalk on blackboard, of the main hall at Wallinger's high school, where, one imagines, he must have attended morning prayers, sung hymns, and absorbed the usual teacherly harangues and pep talks.
Their resistant discourse could be incorporated into the classroom conversation as part of a pedagogy that privileges the heteroglossia of subaltern signifying practices in subversive opposition to the centralized, unitary, teacherly discourse of the dominant culture.
Sharing family preoccupations, teacherly concerns, and neighborly involvements, we also were both students of Buddhism, poets, and admirers of Sumerian culture.
It still seems to me that the process of self-accommodation, which we infer from Zavarzadeh's truncated dialogue, will be of interest to many who would disagree with his teacherly approach, his rationale, and his causal logic.
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