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hail a cab

 and hail a taxi
to signal to a taxi that you want to be picked up. See if you can hail a cab. I don't want to walk home in the rain.
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Tijuana taxi

(ˈtiəwɑnɑ ˈtæksi)
n. a police car. (Citizens band radio.) There’s a Tijuana taxi back a few cars watching you awful close.
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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a draft determination which proposes to deny authorisation to ihail Pty Ltd (ihail) for joint venture arrangements between Australian and international taxi networks and other participants in the taxi industry to launch and operate a new smartphone taxi booking app.
Last year, RTA launched Drivers Qualification Centre at Al Ruwaiya; the first specialised smart centre for training taxi drivers, taxi drivers of franchise companies, and chauffeurs of on-demand deluxe limos operating in Dubai under the supervision of the Public Transport Agency.
Increasing the number of taxis was decided in response to a comprehensive study about future needs for taxis in Dubai in order to strike a balance between the need of taxi riders and service providers.
Still I get refused by at least five taxis a night, when I am sober and have just finished a bar shift at 5am.
Primary research included interviews with radio taxi service companies, radio taxi drivers and industry experts.
A BIRKENHEAD based taxi firm has acquired a Wirral rival in a deal that will create a fleet of over 300 vehicles operating across the borough.
Wirecard's innovative solution for taxis allows us to offer an improved and wider range of payment experience for customers and taxi drivers while helping us to lower our operating expenses, thanks to the solution's tight integration with our fleet management system," explains Lim Chong Boo, Managing Director, Premier Taxis.
Under the executive travel services, A1 Taxis offers world class cab services in luxury cars which are driven by highly experienced drivers with deluxe services such as Wi-Fi, bottled drinking water, and a great driving experience.
Dr Mahmoud Fouz, CEO at EasyTaxi Middle East, said, "We connect taxi drivers directly to passengers which results in faster and more convenient service.
In the event the customer is in a mall or other building with a taxi rank, they will be advised to go to the rank.
It Threatens the Livelihood of Traditional Taxi Services
When each taxi driver knows his route beforehand, it minimises random travelling and thus improves congestion," Gameel added.
Ali Bakr, a Pakistani taxi driver, said: "I was involved in a traffic accident and was forced to pay SR750 toward damages to the car even though my employer has his own workshop to repair the taxis.
All licensed taxis operating in the area will have taxi plates on display both in and outside the vehicle and it's a good idea to take a photo on your phone of the licence plate of the taxi you use.
The customer would need to enter his contact number and the application will automatically look for available taxis nearest to him.