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tax someone or something with something

to burden or tire someone or something with something. Please don't tax me with any more requests for my immediate attention. You are continuing to tax this committee with your constant complaints.
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spending freely and taxing heavily. (Referring to a legislative body that repeatedly passes expensive new laws and keeps raising taxes to pay for the cost. Fixed order.) I hope that people do not elect another tax-and-spend Congress this time. The only thing worse than a tax-and-spend legislature is one that spends and runs up a worsening deficit.

a sin tax

  (American informal)
a tax on things that are bad for you, like cigarettes and alcohol (not used with the ) Politicians like a sin tax as it brings in lots of revenue and not too many complaints.
See live in sin
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tax with

Charge, accuse, as in He was taxed with betraying his fellows. [Mid-1600s]
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Section 1291(f) of the Code specifically provides that, "to the extent provided in regulations," certain nonrecognition transactions will be taxable.
Form 990 must be filed four and one-half months after year-end by organizations with annual taxable and nontaxable gross receipts of at least $25,000.
Because of this three-year rule, taxable gifts work best for clients likely to outlive a transfer by at least three years.
With respect to a taxable year of a corporation that straddles an ownership change date, section 382(b)(3) provides a general rule that requires a ratable daily allocation of the income or loss for the year to the pre-and post-change portions of the year.
Under the 1991 proposed regulations, taxable Income or loss of a QBU would first be computed in local currency and then the taxable income or loss would be translated into the owner's functional currency.
Such taxpayers will be able to avoid taking the QCD into income, resulting in lower taxable income.
For tax purposes, they received the excess cash at the time of the sale, making it taxable in 2005.
Computer equipment Not taxable on first pounds 2,500
If you buy just before a mutual fund's capital gains distribution, you're buying taxable income," says Eardley Willock, tax manager in the New York office of the accounting firm Grant Thornton.
The other major concern with Statement 96 is that, because it assumes "no future events," the tax benefit of deductible temporary differences and carryforwards can be recognized only to the extent that they offset either actual taxable income reported in the carry-back period or future reversals of taxable differences.
In our earnings release and conference call on Tuesday, we stated that we expect to recognize little, if any, taxable income during the period 2007 through 2011.
Under this section, a qualifying taxpayer can take a deduction equal to a percentage of the lesser of its taxable income or qualified production activities income (QPAI).
Commissioner (TC Summary Opinion 2005-57), the court considered whether certain workers' compensation benefits were taxable as if they were Social Security benefits.
If not properly addressed, the money could be considered taxable income for the lessee.
6) and 258(3) through (5) of the Act are the principal charging provisions for the TPS rules and convert what would otherwise be tax-exempt dividends into taxable dividends.