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Gossip. I know you think all that tittle-tattle is harmless, but one of these days a rumor is going to hurt someone.

going to tell

 and going to tattle
a threat that one is going to report someone's misdeed to someone in authority. If you do that again, I'm going to tell! Sue just went to the teacher. She's going to tattle.
See also: going, tell

tattle (on someone) (to someone)

to tell on someone to someone. Are you going to tattle on me to my mother? Please don't tattle on me.

tattle on

To inform that someone has misbehaved: My brother tattled on me for spilling the glue.
See also: on, tattle
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If you have customers on a fixed income who cannot afford an alarm system, Tattle Tales placed at points of entry in the home could serve as a low-budget early warning system.
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Before long, the girls are repeating their new mantra of the three Ps - poise, posture, presence - and practicing their elocution drills ('tittle, tattle, tittle, tattle').
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This rather dull piece of tittle tattle mutates like a virus, but Gossip itself turns out to be all talk as well.
A spokesman for the Cardinal said: "The Cardinal and the Archbishop of Canterbury know each other far too well to take such tittle tattle seriously.
Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarm -- The Tattle Tale sensor detects vibrations caused when a pet jumps on a surface such as a counter or a sofa.
This is a question on a par with why Tony Blair is not only prepared to keep in office a gaffe-prone Foreign Secretary but defend his appalling record of disloyalty and moral bankruptcy as "tittle tattle.
The initial target markets for Tattle Tails(TM) will be licensed team logos including Major and Minor League Baseball, the American and East Coast Hockey Leagues, Arena Football, Select Universities and the National Professional Soccer League.
Tattle moved to New Jersey to lead Sales and Product Management for Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation as Executive Director, eventually becoming Group Vice President of that business.
amp;uot;Canada is among the leading countries in the world in terms of Internet penetration, and the `Net is becoming a key medium for entertainment, communications and commerce,&uot; said David Tattle, President of Nielsen Media Research - Canada.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Catalina Marketing Corporation today announced the election of Peter Tattle, a former Group Company Chairman of Johnson & Johnson, to its Board of Directors.
Restoragen also announces the appointment of Peter Tattle to the Company's Board of Directors.
Mail Scout rules can send messages out on a regular schedule, automatically alert people to upcoming occasions, tattle on a message that has not received a reply by a stated deadline, act as a file librarian and more.