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all vine and no taters

Rur. to be all display with no real value. She's a good-looking woman, but really she's all vine and no taters. Don't be fooled by Jim's flowery promises. They're all vine and no taters.
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Hold your horses!

 and Hold your tater!
Fig. Inf. Wait! Tom: Let's go! Let's go! Mary: Hold your horses. Hold your tater, now. Where did you say you are going?
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n. a potato. (Folksy. The plural, taters can refer to individual potatoes or a mass of potatoes as with mashed potatoes.) Give me more meat and less taters.
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In addition to vying for the World Record and being crowned the Bar Louie 2015 Rock the Tot Champion the winner will also receive a $500 gift card, free tater tots for life and a "Tater Caster" Guitar Trophy.
Cheeseburger bar or veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, Southwestern bean salsa, assorted condiments and tater tots.
For the sweet potato tater tots: In bowl, place sweet potato and
Professor McKenna, who was a student at the university in the early 1980s and tater joined as a lecturer in 1982, said: "I am absolutely delighted by this honour and I accept it on behalf of myself and the University.
Even a week tater, this carrot tastes fresh for two reasons.
The club's junior match on the same stretch of canal went to Caine Chivers with 1lb 2oz; Josh Hawkins finished second with 1lb and Brad Tater was third with 11oz.
And I found Martin passed out on the floor -- from being drunk, I imagine -- and the oven door was open and the oven was on and there were burnt-up tater tots inside.
Sample dishes include Fried Salami and Eggs, Grandma's Pickled Cucumbers and Onions, Betty's Tater Dogs, Heartwarming Baked Apples, Matzo Meal Fried Chicken, and more.
Revenge of the Sith M&Ms and a Mr Potato Head Darth Tater will also be launched.
Pictures of the new Darth Tater character have become one of the most popular downloaded images on the internet, with fans frantic to see the figure in Darth Vader's trademark black mask and cape.
It's normal to occasionally forget assignments, colleagues' names, or a business associate's telephone number and remember them tater.
The new products include Sour Cream & Jive[TM] (flies with sour cream and chives), Cinna-Stiks[TM] (ditto, with cinnamon flavor) and Crunchy Rings[TM] -- basically Tater Tots with a hole in the middle.
Created in 1948, the ACUE was chaired by Donovan with the assistance of Allen Dulles and Walter Bedell Smith (both tater heads of the CIA).
From Coldwater Seafood comes Icelandic[R] Brand Tater Crust[TM]--a breakthrough product that coats fresh, tender fish fillets with shredded Idaho potatoes.
Heading back to school doesn't have to mean facing the formidable hair nets doling out sloppy joes and tater tots.