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It is sufficient that she, a woman of tact in such matters at least, had strong doubts concerning the TASTE and propriety of using worked pocket- handkerchiefs, at all.
Their generally quiet, yet often brisk, and constantly diversified talk, one to another, or sometimes in soliloquy,--as they scratched worms out of the rich, black soil, or pecked at such plants as suited their taste,--had such a domestic tone, that it was almost a wonder why you could not establish a regular interchange of ideas about household matters, human and gallinaceous.
Heav'nly stranger, please to taste These bounties which our Nourisher, from whom All perfet good unmeasur'd out, descends, To us for food and for delight hath caus'd The Earth to yeild; unsavourie food perhaps To spiritual Natures; only this I know, That one Celestial Father gives to all.
They lose both taste and colour, and are only fit to be thrown away.
Lady Catherine continued her remarks on Elizabeth's performance, mixing with them many instructions on execution and taste.
With formal furniture, curtains are out of place; and an extensive volume of drapery of any kind is, under any circumstance, irreconcilable with good taste - the proper quantum, as well as the proper adjustment, depending upon the character of the general effect.
Lady Russell had little taste for wit, and of anything approaching to imprudence a horror.
The dairyman had not recognized the taste at that time, and thought the butter bewitched.
Nothing could be in worse taste than misplaced flippancy; and he answered somewhat stiffly: "Yes, you have been away a very long time.
The water was very warm, and it was fresh, but there was a most unpleasant taste to it.
I filled my spoon, but before I raised it to my mouth I knew just how they would taste.
Megapode eggs only stung his taste alive and stimulated the flow of his juices.
The Fox, unable even to taste it, met with a fitting requital, after the fashion of her own hospitality.
The point is," I concluded my sermon, "that it is the accessibility of alcohol that has given me my taste for alcohol.
As this family and ours had long a sort of rivalry in point of taste, our spirit took the alarm at this stolen march upon us; and, notwithstanding all I could say, and I said much, it was resolved that we should have our pictures done too.