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dead on target

1. Precisely aimed, as of a shot or throw. His shot was dead on target from nearly midfield, placed perfectly in the corner of the goal. That pitcher has been throwing dead on target all game, striking out nearly every batter.
2. Exactly correct or to the intended point. I think her speech was dead on target about what this country needs to prioritize for the future.
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Target run

A shopping trip to the department store Target. A: "How does every Target run end up costing me at least $50?" B: "Because you say you're only getting milk and paper towels, and then you come home with 12 other things."
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on target

As predicted, expected, or planned; totally accurate or precise. Her figures for the tax bill were right on target. The new doctor is a walking encyclopedia—she's always on target with her observations.
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be shooting for the same target

To be working toward the same aim or goal with someone else. Look, I know we disagree sometimes, but we're still shooting for the same target here—we both want mom to get the best medical care possible.
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on target

on schedule; exactly as predicted. Your estimate of the cost was right on target. My prediction was not on target.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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on target

Completely accurate, wholly valid, as in Our cost estimates were right on target, or His criticisms were on target. This seemingly old expression dates only from the mid-1900s, and the colloquial use of target for a goal one wishes to achieve dates from about 1940.
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be shooting for the same target

If two people are shooting for the same target, they are in agreement about what they are trying to achieve together. Two brains are better than one in this area, especially when they're shooting for the same target. Just so we can be sure we're both shooting at the same target, here's a summary of what will happen on Friday night.
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a ˌsitting ˈduck/ˈtarget

a person or thing that is very easy to attack or criticize: It’s always easy to criticize teachers; they’re just sitting ducks.
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mod. timely; exact; incisive. Your criticism is exactly on-target.

on target

Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.
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Low energy neutrons depolarize rapidly in orthohydrogen, while those below 15 meV retain their polarization in a parahydrogen target; hence, it is important to ensure that the liquid hydrogen target is prepared and maintained with the very low equilibrium ortho-hydrogen concentration of 0.
Target works ``because their products have a nice design at an affordable price.
To demonstrate how iSCSI failover functions, several companies participated in a third-party demonstration where five videos were streamed from five iSCSI storage targets on an iSCSI intelligent storage switch to five Microsoft Windows 2003 hosts (Figure 4).
If the target's controls must be upgraded, or the acquired business must be integrated into the acquirer's controls (which presumably would be typical where the target was privately held and not subject to public-company control requirements), the acquirer may need to substantially complete the integration process by the time of the first post-closing certifications in order to permit the officers to safely provide those certifications.
economy currently serving as the locomotive for the rest of the world, global convergence can be achieved without the Fed adopting rigid inflation targets.
The proposed regulations provide that the tax liabilities of the old target resulting from the deemed asset sale are deemed to be assumed by the new target only if the parties agree that the seller (and not the new target) will bear their economic cost.
A final technique is to bring the campers to the target with an arrow and move the arrow around the target face, demonstrating that small differences between anchor points on their faces translate to large ones on the actual target.
Conspicuously missing are studies directly exploring how a target's communication behavior affects the way a manager goes about getting the target to do something.
Market Opportunity in the G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Target Space: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Metrics" is a focused market analysis report that provides the latest analysis of the GPCR target space in terms of druggable targets available, quantitative metrics defining the space, and therapeutic candidates in various clinical stages of the developmental pipeline.
The parity-violating (PV) neutron spin rotation about the momentum axis as long-wavelength ([lambda] > 1 [Angstrom]) neutrons traverse the target medium arises from the spin-dependent part ([[sigma].
Ventura County got $408,987 for each of its eight targets, San Bernardino County got $396,999 for each of its 20 targets and Orange County came in at the low end with $255,193 for each of its 52 targets.
Most targets allow the administrator to configure volumes that stripe the data across multiple disks (RAID-0), mirror the data across two or more disks (RAID-1), employ parity disks (e.
Changing the target will be the first step toward altering completely the role and function of the ECB.
A major Los Angeles freeway interchange appears high on the list, but no other interchange anywhere in the state qualifies, according to the classified list of potential targets reviewed as part of a newspaper investigation.
Each Blind Mark kit comes in a molded plastic storage case with three targets and one target locator.